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American Hat Maker scholarship
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   American Hat Makers believe in superior craftsmanship and traditional skills. They are renowned hat makers in the United States and have won a lot of appreciation and accolades because of our superlative range of hats.


From cowboy hats, Fedoras, Wide Brim,  Pork Pies, Hats for Big Heads, Freedom Hats, and the distinctive Voodoo Hatter Collection. We cater to men and women who are cool and sophisticated. We know that success in any profession follows because of a solid base in education and relevant training to boost your creativity and sharpen your inherent skills. We understand that getting admission to top-grade colleges or Universities in the United States seems to be a major challenge; however, it is significantly more overwhelming to pay your way through specialized courses today. 


The cost of higher education in US colleges seems to be exorbitantly high especially in the field of fashion design. The American Hat Makers are determined to help bright and meritorious students who are keen on pursuing higher studies in fashion design. We have instituted the American Hat Makers Scholarship to help a dedicated student with a brilliant academic record and could benefit from financial assistance. We do not want any deserving student to discontinue his/her higher studies because of financial constraints. We have instituted the American Hat Makers Scholarship to appreciate and acknowledge the most deserving candidate by offering $750 as award-money. This is a one-time cash award given annually to the best and the most deserving applicant.


American Hat Makers: The Best in the Industry


Winter is the time to celebrate and up your fashion quotient by flaunting classy and trendy accessories. No formal attire is complete without a hat for raising your style stakes. Celebrities and designers have access to loads of fashion inspiration. American Hat Makers are highly reputable for their craftsmanship and high-quality. This renowned US label has been specializing in timeless gentlemanly designs and styles from cowboy hats, fedoras, felt trilbies, pork pies, and straw Panamas. Our label enjoys an authentic edge over the others thanks to our superior craftsmanship, the authenticity of designs, and top quality materials. The American Hat Makers is a trustworthy name among American hat lovers and headwear enthusiasts.             


Steal the Show with an Amazing Assortment of Hats


Hats are great for making a fashion statement. The choice of hats speaks volumes about your personality. Women love to jazz up their style and steal the show with a designer hat that complements their attire and adds an element of elegance and sophistication. Chic women love to wear our mesmerizing collection of cowboy hats, Fedoras, Wide Brim, Pork Pies, Hats for Big Heads, Freedom Hats, or our famous Voodoo Hatter Collection. The American Hat Makers manufactures some of the finest handcrafted hats that are designed by top hat designers in the United States. 


The American Hat Makers is a frontline hat-making company in the United States and has inspired as the times gone by. We present some of the most stunning classic styles with a visible contemporary twist. The American Hat Makers have established itself as a truly iconic brand in the hat manufacturing industry thanks to its broad spectrum of cowboy hats, Fedoras, Wide Brim, Pork Pies, Hats for Big Heads, Freedom Hats, or the famous Voodoo Hatter Collection.

Why a Career in Fashion Designing Is the Right Choice


Fashion designers are supposed to be innovative, creative, and determined professionals. Having an artistic bend of mind and sound knowledge of the latest fashion trends are requirements in the fashion world. Students aspiring to be hat makers must complete their formal education and get enrolled in a fashion design course offered by an accredited US college, University, or institution. To be successful in this creative line of work, you must have a sound knowledge and understanding of your target audience’s lifestyle, specific wants, and needs. 


About the Scholarship Hosted By the American Hat Makers


The American Hat Makers Scholarship is a highly-acclaimed merit-based fellowship that offers a one-time cash award of 750 USD to the most gifted, deserving, and brilliant student annually.


Deadline: 1st December 2021.


Winner Announcement Date: The winner of the American Hat Makers Scholarship will be announced on 15th December 2021.


American Hat Makers Scholarship Eligibility Details


An American Hat Makers Scholarship applicant is required to provide some specific eligibility details. He or she should:


  • Be a genuine citizen of the U.S.A or officially a legal resident in the United States. The aspiring fashion designer must furnish all official documents for proving his/her authorized and legitimate residency.
  • Be enrolled in one of the prestigious or registered US colleges or Universities.
  • The candidate should seek parental approval before applying for the American Hat Makers Scholarship in Fashion Design. Moreover, the candidate must provide written permission from a parent before accepting the gift-money.

How to Apply

All applications for the American Hat Makers Scholarship should be submitted in the usual format of an MS Word Document via an official email to apply-for-scholarship@Americanhatmakers.com.


Please provide all relevant details at the earliest and submit the application along with a unique essay based on the topic provided by American Hat Makers. 


At American Hat Makers we pride ourselves on taking care of others.


Here is the prompt: What have you done in your community during the time of pandemic to make your community and environment a better place.


  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Email
  • Graduation Date
  • The college or university you are currently enrolled at
  • Your existing GPA


Essay Topic: "What have you done in your community during the time of pandemic to make your community and environment a better place.-- Be sure to include pictures of your service to your community. 


Scholarship Amount -USD750


American Hat Makers Scholarship Winner Selection

The lucky winner of this prestigious scholarship that was instituted by American Hat Makers would be officially informed through an official email from American Hat Makers’ office.  Keep in mind that all assets relating to the American Hat Makers Scholarship will be transferred to the applicant’s legal bank account. The winner of the American Hat Makers Scholarship will be announced on 15th December 2021 on Americanhatmakers.com.



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