5 Best Custom Hats for Logos & Hat Embroidery

5 Best Custom Hats for Logos & Hat Embroidery

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One of the biggest problems when buying a hat is knowing if you can customize it to your liking. Many hats often have a design or logo already on them, making it hard to add your personal touch to the cap.

You want a hat that’ll come with a blank design and probably in a single color so that you can add your logo or design. American Hat makers know how important this option is for many people when buying a hat. 

So, to help you, we created a list of the best hats you can design. Here are the five best custom hats for logos and hat embroidery.

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The Best Custom Hats

1. Sidecar - Men’s Leather Cap

If you’re looking for an authentic American hat to stamp your company’s logo on it, you can’t go wrong with choosing from our category. Our Sidecar - Men’s Leather Cap is the perfect hat to add your personal touch.

You have the choice to pick from two colors for your hat, which are black and brown. Of course, this is perfect since these colors go with any outfit. 

Since 1972, American Hat Makers have been making hats meant to last a lifetime. It won't lose its shape or shrink, so you can wear it for years.

If the cap does happen to lose shape, we provide a lifetime warranty. All you have to do is contact our customer service team, and we’ll fix the issue. 

Our leather cap is made from 100% leather that’ll combat all weather conditions and keep you dry. For example, a built-in sweatband will soak up all moisture when it’s hot outside.

And if it’s cold outside, you can believe this leather cap will keep the heat escaping from your head. Also, you’ll make a fashion statement at any business function since most hats are cotton or wool. So, if you want you and your team to stand out among the crowd for your next formal event, our leather cap will help you do it.

You can best believe that American Hat Makers stay true to our words. If you’re ready to buy your forever hat, browse our catalog.

2. New Era 39THIRTY Graphite Structured Stretch Cotton Cap

The next best place to buy hats from is New Era. Of course, their quality of hats doesn't beat American Hat Makers, but they're the second choice when it comes to buying hats.

And if you need a custom hat to include a logo, this New Era 39Thirty Cotton Cap is a perfect option. The cotton material is breathable making it comfortable to wear on the hottest days in the summer.

In addition, the hat comes in multiple colors allowing you to match your logo perfectly. For example, you can choose from the colors maroon, hunter green, navy, and yellow. And if you need a custom hat that's camo to add embroidery on it, you have the option with this cap.

3. Carhartt Men's Black Rugged Professional Cap

If you work most of the time outdoors, you'll need a hat that keeps you cool. Of course, finding the perfect cap that is designed to cool you off during the hotter days of the year is challenging.

Although, you'll find the Carhartt Men's Rugged Professional Cap the best option for those working in construction, lawn services, or the factory. The mesh design on the sides and the back make the hat breathable and provide airflow throughout your head.

In addition, the sweatband uses FastDry technology to quickly absorb sweat and moisture from your head, helping you to stay dry. Lastly, a pre-curved visor protects your eyes from the sun rays beaming into them while outdoors.

When buying this cap, you can style your hat however you want. Also, you can choose from four colors: black, navy, dark grey, and khaki. So, go ahead and upload an image of your logo and get a hat for twelve or more people on your team.

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4. Port Authority Bucket Hat

It might be best to choose something other than a baseball cap when trying to stand out from the crowd. There's nothing wrong with this headwear style, but it's a great idea to find a different hat style if you want to be unique.

The Port Authority Bucket Hat is a simple hat design that'll allow you to customize it any way you like. Also, you'll never have to worry about the hat losing its shape when washed or from everyday wear.

The hat is made from 100% cotton twill, which makes it easy to wash in the machine. So, if you're looking for a hat that's not a baseball cap to add a logo, this bucket hat is perfect.

5. Clutch Trucker Cap

One of the most iconic clothing items from this decade is the trucker hat, which you can still see many famous and regular people wearing nowadays. If you're looking for a hat design that triggers 80's nostalgia, then the Clutch Trucker Cap is perfect for you.

It's a simple hat design, making it perfect for you to add a logo or embroidery to help make it stand out. The hat has mesh material on the back and sides allowing you to stay cool when it's extremely hot outside. In addition, the adjustable back will ensure the cap fits perfectly every time you wear it. 

Lastly, the hat comes in two-tone colors, with white being the base color. You can get the hat in red, black, navy, and black. So, if you want to experience the 80s again and include your personal touch, this hat will let you do it.

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Choose One of These Best Custom Hats To Add Your Personal Touch

When finding a hat, you can customize it any way you want; it can be hard to find the right one. But with this list, you'll surely find a cap to add a logo or embroidery. So, save this list and keep these best custom hats in mind when it comes time for you to buy hats for your company.

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