5 Best Golf Bucket Hats for Sun Protection

5 Best Golf Bucket Hats for Sun Protection
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Bucket hats are one of the best hats to wear while golfing to protect your head, neck, and face from sun exposure. If you’re looking for the best golf bucket hats, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also answer common questions you might have about how to wear and care for your bucket hat.


The 5 Best Golf Bucket Hats

Our five favorite golf bucket hats to wear this season on the golf course:


1. Best Overall: Barcelona Men’s Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat

The Barcelona Men’s Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat is a classic shape with strong construction and is made from lightweight material to keep your head covered and cool on the green. This tightly woven, rigid straw hat for men is a top seller and well-rated for comfort, style, and durability.


The Barcelona has a classic fedora shape and sewn-in sweatband for feather-light comfort and moisture-wicking while you’re on the golf course. The high-quality straw hat comes in several sizes, from XS to 3XL, to fit every head size. This fedora also comes in three neutral colors to fit your style preference. The Barcelona has excellent quality for the price, making it our best overall choice for golf bucket hats.


At American Hat Makers, our American-made quality construction and attention to detail make our golf bucket hats a cut above the rest. Most bucket hats can’t beat our durability and high-quality materials, making our stylish Barcelona hat your favorite accessory for the golf course.


Do you need a stylish straw hat for your next golf round? Shop our top-selling hats for men.


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2. Best UV Protection: Callaway Golf Sun Hat

The Callaway Golf Sun Hat is constructed from 50+ UV protective Polyester and breathable mesh to provide maximum sun protection while ventilating your head for moisture-wicking comfort while you play.


Affordably priced, the bucket hat comes in one size and color. But this classic white hat has the recognizable Callaway brand that shows you’re serious about your golf game. The wide brim keeps your neck, face, and head well protected.


3. Best Waterproof Hat: DOCILA Waterproof Bucket Hat

The DOCILA Waterproof Bucket Hat is ideal for golfers who often get caught in the rain. This waterproof bucket hat has a shorter brim and is made for outdoor conditions. While it doesn’t provide the best coverage for the sun, it can handle all-season outdoor use.


The hat comes in six colors and one size that fits most heads. At a very affordable price, the DOCILA Waterproof Bucket Hat is lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable. It also has a drawstring closure to keep it secure for windy days on the course.


4. Most Affordable Men’s Golf Bucket Hat: Adidas Men’s Victory 4 Bucket Hat

The Adidas Men’s Victory 4 Bucket Hat is the best golf bucket hat for the price. This 100% Polyester wide-brim hat offers 360-degree protection and is perforated for ventilation and breathability.


The hat comes in seven colors and two sizes to fit your style preference. It has a drawstring closure and a moisture-wicking sweatband. The bucket hat fits true to size and is well-rated by customers.


5. Best Sports Fabric: Nike UV Bucket Golf Hat

The Nike UV Bucket Golf Hat is your classic shaped black bucket hat made from 100% Polyester for the ultimate UV protection. While the black material can attract heat, this golf bucket hat has ventilation in the fabric to keep your head cool while putting on the green.


The hat comes in two sizes and fits true to size. At a fairly affordable price, the Nike UV Bucket Golf Hat has a drawstring to secure the hat on windy days. It also utilizes Nike’s Dri-FIT technology to keep your head cool and dry. It has a wide brim for great sun protection.


Is a Bucket Hat Good for Golf?

Yes. While often associated with fishing, bucket hats are also popular among golfers because of the wide brim that offers some of the best sun protection. Bucket hats are often made of straw or Polyester because these materials are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and comfortable when you’re out on the green.

Are Bucket Hats Out of Style in 2023?

While certain hat styles can come in and out of fashion, the bucket hat seems to have a classic shape that doesn’t go out of style easily. In fact, bucket hats are a white-hot trend for 2023 for both men and women. So don’t shy away from this full-brim style that will protect your face, head, and neck while you golf.


Golf bucket hats are both stylish and functional this season, so pick up our favorite fedora-style straw bucket hat that will keep you cool, out of the sun, and in style on the golf course.

Caring for Your Golf Bucket Hat

Most bucket hats are made of straw or Polyester because of their lightweight and moisture-wicking properties. To care for your Polyester golf bucket hat, you’ll need to hand wash it to maintain its shape and material quality.


Straw hats are more low maintenance and will last a lifetime with proper care. To ensure your straw bucket hat maintains its shape, you’ll never want to leave it in a locked car when the weather is 90 degrees or hotter.


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You’ll Want a Golf Bucket Hat for Your Next Round

This year you’ll want to get a golf bucket hat for ultimate sun protection and style. Bucket hats are excellent for the golf course because of their 360-degree UV protection and lightweight comfort.


American Hat Makers is a leading American hat designer with a history of quality construction. You’ll love how the style and comfort of our straw hats will complete your summer lookWe deeply value our customers, offering the best customer care and a lifetime warranty on all our summer straw hats for ladies. 


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