5 Best Gardening Hats: Keep the Sun off Your Face this Summer

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When flowers start to bloom, so do we, and there’s no doubt that spending time in the garden is excellent for your health. Not only does it get you outside and moving around more, but it also gets you ample fresh air. Tending to your garden also promotes the growth of beneficial plants that can improve your well-being.


But there’s one hazard of gardening that many people don’t think about: the sun. The sun can be mighty and dangerous long-term, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause unwanted wrinkles, skin cancers, and other more serious age-related issues.


That’s why it’s crucial to protect yourself from the sun while gardening. One easy way to do that is wearing a good garden hat. A garden hat will keep the sun off your face and neck, preventing unhealthy skin damage.


Why you Should Wear a Gardening Hat


There are a few reasons why you should wear a hat while gardening. First, as mentioned above, UV radiation from the sun can cause skin issues, including cancer. And gardening in the sun can be hot, and wearing a wide-brim hat will help keep you cool in the shade.


What to Look For in a Gardening Hat


Sun Protection


When looking for a gardening hat, choosing one that offers good sun protection is important. According to studies, over 5 million cases of skin cancers have been diagnosed each year in the US alone. A gardening hat should have a wide brim to protect your face and neck from the sun. It should also have a shady lining to keep your head cool.


Some hats even have built-in UV protection to protect your skin from the sun. Others have a strap or chin cord to keep the hat in place so it doesn’t fly off your head in the wind.


Gardening hats are available in various colors and styles, so you can find one that suits your taste and personality. And most importantly, they’ll help keep you safe from the sun while you garden.


A person out in the garden working while wearing a hat.




First and foremost, safety is important. Next to that is always going to be comfortability. You should always choose a well-fitting hat that feels good on your head. Spending long hours gardening is one of the best summer outdoor hobbies. However, we all know how uncomfortable the wrong hat can be, especially if you wear it daily during laborious afternoons. 


Easy Cleaning


If the garden hat protects you from the elements and fits nicely on your head, you are halfway there to having the perfect summer hat. A good garden hat is worth the investment, and a durable and well-made one can last many years.


Spending days sweating in dirt can cause attire to grow dirty and grungy. Find a hat that is both durable, holds its shape and is easy to clean. A water-resistant hat crafted with proper materials can make a difference. Look for things like cleanable material and removable sweatbands, and you will have a hat that will last you a lifetime. 


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Breathable Functionality


For hot sunny days, a breathable hat is your best tool for gardening. Straw hats are lightweight and allow extra ventilation. Materials like environmentally friendly hemp made into mesh textiles can also be suitable for hot summer days. Looking for a hat that vents well will save your head and your hat from being hurt and save money in the long run.




You want to feel stylish and feel a sense of safety and confidence when you go outside to enjoy the weather. Don’t be afraid to pick out a hat that feels like you and looks good on you. Garden hats can be classy, colorful, and creative, and it really is up to the wearer and personal taste. Fashion can be as vital amongst flowers as it is on the runway.


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5 Best Gardening Hats for the Summer


American Hat Maker’s Soaker-Wide Brim Sun Hat


Soak up the glorious sun rays without sacrificing comfort in American Hat Maker’s Soaker-Wide Brim Sun Hat for Men and Women. This is the number one ideal summer gardening hat because of its water-resistant material and soakable liner. You can immerse the hat in ice water for a long-lasting refreshing afternoon spent trimming your roses.



two women gardening


Misty-Breathable Fashion Sun Hat


Available in many bright fashionable colors, Misty Breathable Fashion Sun Hat is a perfect touch of style and comfort to add to your garden wardrobe. What is really great about this hat is the breathable and lightweight material it is constructed from, which is perfect for 90-degree plus weather. 


Outdoor Research Sobriolet Sun Hat


Outdoor Research Sobriolet Sun Hat will protect your head and face while you plant your seeds. UPF 50+ fabric will shield you from intense sun, and the fabric crown will keep you cool and dry. The piping along the brim is unique to a Sobriolet Sun Hat, which offers a little wind resistance when the breeze picks up. 


Charleston- Wide Brim Straw Hat


Charleston Straw Hat is a more traditional-styled, natural-looking straw garden hat, with a large brim perfect for summer days and nights. An added hat band gives it a classy look, and the ends of the straw are left loose for a touch of something special aesthetically. 


North Face Horizon Breeze Brimmer Hat


Speaking of classics, North Face’s Horizon Breeze Brimmer Hat is a timeless look. Your more casual everyday-looking summer hat, but it still is breezy and comfortable. Although the brim isn’t very wide, it is still made for some quality UV protection. 


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Stay Cool while Gardening


Gardening hats are a must-have for anyone who spends time in the garden. Not only do they protect you from the sun, but they also keep you looking and feeling cool and safe from the elements. There are a variety of gardening hats to choose from, so you can find one that suits your style and needs. Mind your head this Summer with one of these stylish and functional gardening hats!


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