5 Best Hats for Sweaty Heads in 2023

5 Best Hats for Sweaty Heads in 2023

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A hat can play an important role in keeping your head warm or cool. However, in both cases, a hat can end up making your head sweaty instead. While sweat should cool your body down, it might make you feel even worse if it can't evaporate. If this happens, your hat becomes a problem rather than a solution. 

Luckily, not every hat will leave your head feeling sweaty and gross. We've compiled some of the best hats for sweaty heads into a straightforward list. 

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1. American Hat Makers: Soaker - Men's Breathable Wide Brim Sun Hat

The Soaker from American Hat Makers is a champion when it comes to keeping you cool and reducing sweat.

The wide brim of this hat plays a key role in keeping you cool. Sun exposure is one of the most significant factors in heating up your body. Limiting sun exposure prevents this from becoming a factor in the first place. Hats limit sun exposure by covering the top of your head and casting a shadow with their brim.

This hat has a wide and large brim to keep the sun off you in a significant way. Eliminating the sun like this will block out the heat and prevent you from sweating in the first place. 

However, if you do start sweating, this hat has the solution. The hat is perforated with air holes that give the moisture on your head a way to escape.

For further cooling, we suggest briefly dunking this hat in cold water before tossing it on. This will cool down the hat, cool down your head, and wash away any sweat that may already be on the hat. The hat itself is water resistant, so doing this won't hurt it.

On top of all of this, this hat looks amazing. It has a classic cowboy look to it that looks great in a variety of different situations. You can wear it to the beach, on a boat, in the wilderness, or on your way to get groceries. No matter where you bring this hat, you will stand out and stay cool. 

2. Nike: Dri-FIT Aerobill Featherlight

Ventilation is key to keeping your head sweat-free and enhances your body's natural cooling methods. However, many hats offer no ventilation and, thus, lock in heat and moisture. This compounds the issue, as the heat and moisture make you feel hotter, causing you to sweat even more. Before you know it, you hate the fact that you are wearing a hat at all.

However, the Nike Dri-FIT Aerobill Featherlight has plenty of ventilation. The perforated design surrounds the hat with a series of small holes. Each of these lets in fresh air and lets out moisture.

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It also has all of the benefits of a regular running hat. This means it will stay secure on your head during your workout. Plus, the brim cuts the glare and makes it helpful on a sunny day.

3. American Hat Makers: Barcelona - Men's Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat

When it comes to staying cool and preventing sweat, the Barcelona Straw Sun Hat is one of the best options out there. Almost everything about this hat goes toward either reducing temperature or improving ventilation. 

Temperature reduction is immediately derived from the hat's wide brim. Since it goes all the way around the hat, it will offer superior protection from the sun's hot rays. The material also helps reduce temperature.

Straw is lightweight and fits lightly against your head. While wearing another hat on a hot day might feel like putting a gross blanket on your head, wearing a straw hat is so unobtrusive that you may even forget you are wearing it. 

Ventilation comes from the hat's unique design. A series of small holes surround the hat's high crown. The crown's height draws in hot air from your head, and the holes allow it to flow out of the hat while allowing cool air back in. The straw material is also wonderfully breathable, further increasing ventilation. 

4. Headsweats Men's Performance Crusher Hat

This Headsweats option looks like a regular running cap. However, upon closer inspection, you will notice a design that has an almost futuristic quality to it.

The hat is almost entirely surrounded by a hex mesh pattern. This allows maximum ventilation, as the hexes serve as ventilation ports. The whole thing gives the hat a very breathable quality, making it perfect for sweat reduction.  

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The hat is also designed to be lightweight. The construction is minimal, and the hat feels light on the head. The hat's bill is even made from lightweight foam, further reducing the weight of the hat as a whole.

This hat is also designed with performance in mind. While the hat is available in a few different colors, the underside of the bill is always black to further reduce glare. You can easily bring this with you on a run, to the gym, or on your next big adventure, as the design allows it to be folded up and stuffed into a pocket without harm.

5. Outdoor Research Sunbriolet Sun Hat

This is another hat with a wide brim that encircles the hat and blocks out the sun. However, the brim on this hat has a wire frame that is easy to adjust. With this, you can pull the brim down or up as you see fit and in a way that will help you stay cool the most. 

The hat is also lightweight and dries quickly. This makes it a good choice for taking near the water. If it falls in the creek while you're fishing or in the ocean while you're at the beach, you will only have to set it aside for a little while before it is back to being dry again.

This hat is made from a breathable material that should allow for decent ventilation. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer quite as much ventilation as other options on this list. This is probably the biggest downside to this hat. 

The Best Hats for Sweaty Heads 

On a hot summer day, the last thing you want to deal with is excess sweat. Starting with the right hat will prevent sweat from being a problem. Picking one of the options on this list is a great place to start out!

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