5 Best Workout Hats: Gym Hats to Crush Your Workout

5 Best Workout Hats: Gym Hats to Crush Your Workout

It is important to do all that you can to improve your workout as a whole. 73% of people who have fitness-related resolutions end up giving them up. Meanwhile, those who do manage to stick with them often struggle to push past the next barrier. Because of this, any edge you can get is helpful. 

One way to get an edge is to pick the right headgear. Going with the right workout hat has the potential to improve your workout and make it more enjoyable to go to the gym. Keep reading to discover how to pick your next workout hat and to see some great options!

What to Look for in a Workout Hat

There is a wide range of hats out there, from stylish cowboy hats to ones that focus strictly on performance. However, not every hat suits every situation. There are specific features you should look for in your workout hat.

One of these is ventilation. Working out produces heat, and being too hot can prevent you from getting a great workout. Hats without proper ventilation will end up trapping heat around your head. This will cause you to heat up even more, which is not ideal.

Another key factor is the hat’s ability to prevent or remove sweat. Part of this comes from ventilation, as a hat that keeps you cool will also keep you from sweating a lot. However, part of it comes from the hat’s design. A well-designed hat will prevent sweat from dripping on your eyes, and some will even help wick sweat away.

1. Camo Snapback Trucker Hat

This is a hat that manages to emphasize the performance aspects of a good workout hat while also looking stylish. Our Camo Snapback Trucker Hat has plenty going for it.

In terms of performance, this hat has a great approach to ventilation. The back of the hat is entirely mesh. This offers unparalleled ventilation that will keep your head cool. It is also lightweight and, thus, easy to wear.

The hat also has a great approach to dealing with sweat. It has a sewn-in sweatband that will prevent sweat from reaching your eyes. This sweatband is also easy to clean and prevents your sweat from damaging the hat itself.

In terms of design, this hat also looks great. It prominently features a laser-engraved US flag so that you can show off a little pride in your country. It also has a camouflage design that pairs well with the rest of the hat. 

This American-themed design isn’t just for show. It comes from a company that is dedicated to helping those who have served this country. The American Hat Makers’ “Hats for American Heroes” initiative is an effort by the company to help those on active duty, retired veterans, and the wounded, injured, or sick. So, buying from American Hat Makers helps support efforts like this.

2. BUILTCOOL Mesh Cooling Baseball Hat

The BUILTCOOL Mesh Cooling Baseball Hat has plenty of features that make it a great workout option. This includes one unique one!

First, the hat has most design elements one would expect from a workout hat. It is lightweight and breathable, so it will stay cool while on your head. It also has a moisture-wicking sweatband, so sweat won’t be an issue either.

Where this hat manages to stand out is through its moisture-activated cooling technology. The hat is made from materials that absorb water. This water then produces a cooling effect as it evaporates. This works because evaporation causes cooling. So, as the water evaporates off this hat, it creates a cold feeling that ends up cooling your head.

This process can be forced or can occur naturally. The hat will naturally absorb any sweat you produce while using it. However, you can also soak the hat in water to jump-start the cooling process.

A hat has the power to make your workout go much more comfortable. Check out our selection of men’s hats here!

3. Melin A-Game Hydro

These hats were designed with workouts in mind. Because of this, they are great when it comes to performance.

The Melin A-Game Hydro is made from a hydrophobic technology. Hydrophobic materials repel water. This means that these hats are perfect for beading away moisture. The hydrophobic material also prevents the hats from absorbing as much water as other hats, so they will stay dry as you work out. 

In terms of design, these hats are pretty minimalist. They look sleek and mostly come in a variety of solid colors. However, a few camo options are also available to mix things up a little.

4. New Balance Speed Run Trucker

This is another hat option that has everything you need for a workout. The mesh back means that ventilation is possible. Meanwhile, the moisture-wicking sweatband deals with excess sweat.

This hat is particularly attractive to the fitness-minded individual on the go. These hats are created with an unstructured brim, which makes them crushable. Because of this, you can easily toss the hat in your bag and not worry about it being damaged.

You can even fold it up and throw it in your pocket if you want. So, if you don’t want to worry about damaging your hat, this could be a great choice. 

The biggest problem with these hats is that the mesh in the back isn’t as open as some other options. This means these hats will have a little less ventilation. 

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5. Mammoth Headwear Classic Performance Snapback

If you’re looking for a sturdy and versatile option, the Mammoth Headwear Classic Performance Snapback may be the choice for you. It has a mesh back that improves ventilation.

This hat is made to be worn. The quick-drying fabric and lack of a rigid structure make it easy to wash. So, no matter how dirty it gets during your workout, it will always be able to bounce back. 

This hat also comes from a company dedicated to creating hats for those with larger heads. So, this may be the perfect choice if you struggle with finding hats that actually fit you. 

Get the Most Out of Your Workout with a Gym Hat

A gym hat can make it much easier to take full advantage of your workout. You’ll be much more comfortable, thereby increasing your performance. Just make sure to choose a workout hat that fits your needs.

Trying to find a women’s hat you love? Take a look at our various styles of women’s hats too!

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