5 Best Cowboy Hats for Rain [Buyer's Guide]

5 Best Cowboy Hats for Rain [Buyer's Guide]

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A cowboy hat is a great fashion accessory. The unique style lets you stand out, while the unique design offers some practical benefits. However, when it rains, you want to ensure your hat can handle the influx of water. 

This is a list of the best cowboy hats for rain. These are hats that will keep you dry, even while others would let water in.

1. American Hat Makers: Cattleman - Men's Felt Cowboy Hat - Western Hat Band

This Cattleman felt cowboy hat from American Hat Makers is a champion of style and utility. It features a distinct look that immediately conjures up the image of the wild west. The buckle along the hat's base is a great flourish that further emphasizes this point. 

This hat also has the advantage of being made with felt. Felt is a man-made fiber created from all-natural wool. It takes all of the natural benefits of wool and improves on them. This creates a hat that is sturdy and durable.

Felt also has natural water resistance. Sheep wool is designed to keep sheep warm and dry while they are outside and completely exposed to the elements. Felt does the same thing and will keep you warm and dry when you wear it. Plus, this same water resistance gives felt moisture-wicking properties, meaning you can wear it in the cold rain or the hot sun. 

On top of this, a felt cowboy hat from American Hat Makers offers more benefits. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products. American Hat Makers also has excellent customer service and will happily replace your hat if you end up ordering the wrong size. By ordering a hat like this, you can't go wrong.

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2. Stetson: Skyline 6X Cowboy Hat

Stetson hats are the classic form of cowboy hat. Both the name of the hat and its look are iconic. Stetson hats get their name from the Stetson hat company, so going with a hat from Stetson is an obvious choice. 

This felt hat has all the benefits felt typically provides, so it will keep you secure from rain. This material looks great in any color, and the fact that this one is available in six different colors is a definite plus. On top of this, the hatband is subtle in a way that stands out but is not over the top.

For the days when the sun is the problem instead of the rain, you’ll want a different style of hat. Check out our range of sun hats to keep you cool! 

This hat is also built for comfort. It has a sweatband on the inside to keep you cool. It also has a satin liner that feels incredibly soft and comfortable. 

The biggest downside to this hat is the price. The name Stetson is worth a lot, and the hat costs a lot because of this. This means that, with this hat, you are paying a premium for a name brand. 

3. American Hat Makers: Stockade - Men's Waxed Cotton Cowboy Hat

This Stockade cowboy hat from American Hat Makers is a unique and stylish entry on this list. The hat is made from cotton and has a rugged and tough look. It won't just protect you from rain; it will keep you secure from anything the weather throws at you.

This hat is unique in that it is made from vegan materials. Felt hats require wool from sheep, while leather hats use animal material as well. Meanwhile, this hat is made from all-natural cotton, meaning no animals were harmed in the making of it.

Yet, this hat still captures the classic look of a cowboy hat, so, despite being vegan, it doesn't sacrifice looks. If you are vegan, vegetarian, or simply looking to cut down on animal material because of the environmental impact, this is the hat for you. 

This is another hat that takes advantage of the benefits offered by American Hat Makers. This means a lifetime guarantee and wonderful customer service. Basically, you won't regret this hat because we will do all we can to make things right. The same cannot be said of other hat makers.  

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4. MexiMart: 8 Second Straw Cowboy Hat

A straw cowboy hat offers some distinct advantages. Hats like these are lightweight and breezy, so they keep you cool on a hot day. Straw hats also have a relaxed style, making them the perfect thing to bring on a beach trip or a warm vacation.

However, sudden and unexpected rainfall can be a problem on trips like these. You might start the day with a relaxing trip to the beach only to be bombarded by rain halfway through your time there. Luckily, the wide brim of this hat shelters you from the rain just as easily as it shelters you from the sun. Because of this, you can throw it on and seek a more permanent form of shelter.  

This hat is nice because it is on the cheaper end of the spectrum. However, as such, it also has a few downsides. It isn't anywhere near as durable or long-lasting as the other options on this list. You'll have to watch this one closely and take care of it well to prevent it from being damaged. In addition, it offers slightly less rain protection than the other entries on this list. 

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5. Outback Trading Company: Bootlegger Oilskin Hat 

The Outback Trading Company bootlegger oilskin hat was designed with water in mind. It is created with oilskin, a waterproof material that, along with the hat's wide brim, will keep your head dry. Not only this, but the hat's material encourages water to slide right off, so you don't even have to worry about your hat getting soaked. The hat even comes with a chin cord to keep it on your head if it is windy.

The hat has a great, classic style. The dark color combined with the material creates a hat that looks tough and rugged. 

The Best Cowboy Hats for Rain 

If you are looking for a great cowboy hat, you should ensure it can handle some rain. Otherwise, you will be limited in what you can wear on a rainy day and will be upset if you are caught in an unexpected shower. Going with an option for this list is a safe bet!

Looking for a unique style of hat that will help you stand out from the crowd? See our newest arrivals right here!

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