10 Best Hiking Hats for Women of 2024

10 Best Hiking Hats for Women of 2024

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Hiking is a great outdoor activity. It provides you with numerous benefits, like giving your body exercise and improving your mental health. But, when you go hiking, you should bring a hat that suits the job. 

That’s why we created a list of the best hiking hats for women. This list will help you choose a hiking hat to accompany you on your next adventure.

1. American Hat Makers: Cabana - Women's Wide Brim Sun Hat 

The Cabana hat from American Hat Makers is an awesome hiking partner. It has a wide brim to block out 80% of the sun’s rays. It also has a mesh construction that makes it wonderfully breathable and light. This is a hat that will protect you from the heat rather than leave you sweltering in it. 

This hat also brings some style to your hike. It is a beautiful hat that feels part cowboy and part adventurer. It would look good in any setting and, on a hike, will clearly distinguish you as the best dressed. It also comes in several classy colors, so you can pick the one you want. 

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On top of all of this, the Cabana hat isn’t high-maintenance. It is actually packable, so you can bring it on your trips without worry. It is also hand-washable, so you don’t need to worry about having it professionally cleaned.

While other hats will leave you wondering how to care for them, this hat is fine on its own.

2: Muryobao: Women's Ponytail Sun Hat

This hat from Muryobao has all of the typical features of a regular sun hat. It has a wide brim, offers UV protection, and has holes for ventilation.

Where this hat distinguishes itself is through a hole in the back for your ponytail. Most sun hats do not have this feature, which is a big part of why this hat stands out. This may be a good option if you’re looking for something to hike in and want to wear your hair up.

3. American Hat Makers: Crusher - Women's Leather Crushable Outback Hat 

The Crusher from American Hat Makers has all of the style of the coolest Australian outback hat. In this way, it looks wild and untamed - the perfect look for a hike through the woods.

In many cases, hats like these require special treatment. You can’t be too rough with them, or they will be damaged beyond repair. However, the Crusher is nearly indestructible. You can roll it up and toss it in your hiking bag without worry. You can also expose it to the elements so that it can protect you from the elements. This makes it a great choice for hiking and any other rough outdoor activities.

If you’re spending the day by the water instead of in the woods, a sun hat can be great protection. Check out our wide selection of women’s sun hats!

4. Outdoor Research: Sun Runner Cap 

This hat is a unique beast. It combines the appeal of a regular running hat with the sun protection of a sun hat. It does this with a cape that drapes over the back of the hat.

The cape extends from the hat to your neck. This protects these areas from the sun. The cape also provides some slight protection against mosquitoes, which can carry an array of harmful diseases. It is also detachable, so you can use it as a regular running hat on days when you don’t need the cape. 

5. American Hat Makers: Bisbee - Wide Brim Straw Hat

Looking for a lightweight hat option? The Bisbee from American Hat Makers may be what you are looking for. 

This hat is sleek and stylish and has a brim wide enough to offer some serious sun protection. It is also incredibly light. The straw it is made from looks great while keeping the hat extremely lightweight. This hat can be worn anywhere, whether you’re out on a hike, hitting the beach, or just hanging out with friends.

6. Camptrace: Wide Brim Hiking and Fishing Hat with Neck Flap

This hat is similar to the Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap because it has a detachable neck flap. This offers specific protection for your neck on your hikes. The fact that it is detachable means that the hat can be used in other situations as well. 

However, this particular option is a sun hat rather than a running hat. This means it has a wider brim that extends around the hat further. Plus, on top of this, it even has a ponytail cut out!

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7. Sunday Afternoons: Adventure Hat

Hiking is an adventure, so bringing an adventure hat with you makes sense. This Adventure Hat from Sunday Afternoons is a solid choice in this regard.  

This hat has many qualities that make for a good hiking hat. It offers sun protection, has good ventilation, is lightweight, and has a chin strap to keep it secured. However, the brim on the back of this hat has a unique downward curve. This prevents the back of the hat from hitting against your backpack while keeping the back of your neck protected against the sun.

8. Tilley: Hikers Hat

As the name of the hat suggests, this is a hat that is made for hikers. It is sturdy and durable, so it will last even the toughest hikes. It is also lightweight and easy to pack so that it can be brought anywhere.

This hiker's hat is notable for the steps it takes toward eliminating sweat. It has a “Hyperkewl” insert designed to absorb and eliminate sweat. It also has ventilation that fits into the hat naturally. 

9. SHINCHIC: Women's Winter Waterproof Bucket Hat

Not every hike takes place in the heat of the summer. Sometimes, you need something that will protect your head in the winter. 

This hat is fleece lined and is designed to repel the elements. You can bring it on a hike in the snow, and it will keep you warm and protected.

It also has a wide brim to protect you from the sun. Many people underestimate the potential problems presented by the sun in winter. However, the winter sun can still burn you, so you should take precautions if necessary. 

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10. The North Face: Women's Salty Bae Beanie 

Another hat that will keep you warm in the winter is a nice beanie. Everyone knows how cozy a beanie can be, especially when it is cold outside. A beanie won’t protect you from the sun, but it will cover your ears and keep you warm. 

This beanie is great because it looks cute on top of being effective. It allows you to look your best on a cold hike while keeping warm!

The Best Hiking Hats for Women 

Whether you’re looking for sun protection, ventilation, warmth, or something else, there is a hiking hat out there for you. Consider where you are hiking and what factors matter to you the most. Then, check out the options on this list and see which ones suit those needs. 

Looking for a hat that you can wear in more formal situations? Take a look at our felt hats for women!

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