Peruse Our Beautiful, Breezy Beach Hats for Women

The perfect beach hat adds an effortless charm and stylish flair to any beach getaway. Finding a beautiful women’s hat that protects your eyes and face from the sun’s harmful rays while complementing your carefree style is no small feat, but the selection of handmade hats in our collection do just that.

The expert artisans at American Hat Makers have designed oversized beach hats, floppy beach hats, natural panama hats, colorful women’s fedora hats, and everything in between to make sure you have the perfect style for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a women's straw cowboy hat to give your vacation ensemble a western twist, or have been searching for a beautiful wide brim boater that adds a splash of sophistication to your sunbathing style, you’ll find a silhouette that feels like it was made just for you.

The high-qualty natural straw or mesh construction of our beach hats for women offer unrivaled durability, while smart ventilation points provide much-needed breathability and SPF 50 ensures your face and eyes stay protected even on the most sunny days. The hand-selected, hand-woven fibers in our straw beach hats for women give versatility to the end product - letting you select a relaxed, floppy fit, or a more rigid style without compromising quality. And our mesh material readily springs back to shape even after being snugly packed away.

Our collection includes the latest colors and thoughtful details that make you stand out on the boat or while relaxing in the sand. Women's sun hats in dusty pink, cheery orange, and cool turquoise transport your mood and mind to an exotic locale in minutes. While undyed natural straw beach hats for women are a timeless warm-weather pick that will pair with every outfit. Finally, subtle touches like a contrasting leather or beaded hat band or a surprising punch of color on the underside of a brim let your personality shine through.

Beach Hats for Women That Are Perfect for a Carry-on

Our beach hats for women are designed to be the perfect companions for your beach adventures. That means they’re fashionable, functional, and easy to pack. Our selection of mesh beach hats are completely crushable - meaning you can pack them in your purse, suitcase, or beach bag and they’ll still hold their beautiful crown and swooping brim shape. When you’re packing up one of these beauties, fold it like a taco and put some socks in the crown to help it hold its shape. When unpacking, simply lay your hat on a flat surface, or support the crown with a roll of paper towels to let it decompress for a few minutes.

Our straw and leather beach hats for women also love to travel but just need a little extra TLC to retian their stylish silhouette. We recommend wearing them as you travel or bringing a hat box that keeps them supported during the journey.

Regardless of the material you choose, you can always count on the quality construction of American Hat Makers hats to hold up to any adventure. But, after exposure to sea salt and windswept beaches, your beloved beach hat will thrive with a careful cleaning. You can use a damp cloth to wipe away soils, following the woven pattern. Our sweatbands are also easy to remove for cleaning with a mild detergent. Just make sure every inch of the sweatband and beach hat has been thoroughly air-dried before putting them back together and storing them.

With proper care, your women’s beach hat will help you have plenty of fun in the sun - we guarantee it. Our Lifetime Warranty covers all manufacturer defects, and if your hat gets damaged, we will gladly repair it with refurbishment services starting at $35 to restore your hat to a like-new condition. Or, if you foresee lots of particularly rough adventures, add Lifetime Refurbishments to your purchase for just $10.77 at checkout.

American Hat Makers has poured over 40 years of hand-crafted experience into our women’s hats, and we hope you’ll love them as much as we do. We pride ourselves on quality construction and thoughtful details to ensure that our beach hats for women are something you reach for during every trip. Many of our women's hats are true legacy pieces that can be passed down through the generations. So when you’re done with your hat, it can keep making memories.