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5 Best Straw Hats for Men: High-Quality and Wide Brims

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Certain items seemingly never go out of style, and wide brim straw hats are one of those things.

The Panama and Fedora straw hats for men keep their wearers cool and protected from the sun. You might have seen someone wear one recently and thought about buying one.

We’ve done the research for you and found high-quality mens wide brim hats with plenty of form, function, and style, for the most discerning wearer.

Best Straw Hats for Men

American Hat Makers - Florence Men’s Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat


Men’s Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat - Florence


The best-selling American Hat Makers Florence Wide Brim Sun Straw hat captures the classic aesthetics of the Panama hat.

Its stylish, lightweight, breathable straw construction with a 3 ½” brim and 4” crown provides maximum comfort and sun protection for any outdoor adventure. 

The Florence Wide Brim Straw Hat has a stiff, rigid construction, so it’s built to last and keep its form. It also comes with a patterned leather headband and optional chin strap to keep in on even on the windiest of days.

It comes in fits true to size in four different sizes, from small to extra large. It also comes in two colors: cream and tan.

If you’re looking for a well-built, classic Panama-style straw hat to keep cool and protected from the sun. Then look no further than our Florence Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat.

REI – Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat

The Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat from REI isn’t technically a straw hat, as it's made of 90% paper and 10% polyester. Still, it's so sharp we had to add it to our list. It’s also easily the least expensive hat on our list and a great starter hat for someone looking to work on their hat game.

It’s got a 2.75” Fedora brim that provides a UPF of 50+ to protect you from the sun on those long Sunday afternoon walks in the park. 

Its breathable fabrics and wicking sweatband will help to keep your brow cool and dry. In addition, it comes with a decorative headband that adds that touch of style that completes the look of the hat. 

Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat from REI only comes in two sizes, medium and large. Still, it comes with internal adjustable sizing so that you can easily customize how the hat sits on your head.

Brixton – Wesley Straw Packable Fedora



The Brixton Wesley Straw Packable Fedora Hat is constructed with packable straw that bounces back into that classic Fedora form after being stowed away when traveling. 

The Wesley has an adjustable velcro strap beneath the inner sweatband that provides anyone a custom fit. In addition, its metal headwear plaque and the genuine leather band add subtle style that will guarantee you'll look sharp when you reach your destination.

The Wesley Straw has a 2.5” brim that provides 50+ UPF, and it comes in five sizes, from extra-small through extra-large. It’s also available in tan and cream colors. 

The Brixton Wesley Straw Packable Fedora is the perfect hat for the person who is looking for a hat that can travel with style.

Stetson – Men's Andover Florenine Milan Straw Hat



The Stetson Andover Florenine Milan Straw Hat has been an icon in men’s hats since its introduction in the mid-20th century, when it was designed to be a travel-friendly gentlemen’s hat. It takes its name from the first TWA premium passenger jet, the Stratoliner, the plane that revolutionized air travel.

With a wider 2 1/4" brim and a 5" crown, it has always been a classic choice for the jet-set crowd.

It's handmade in Garland, Texas, from Milan Straw, for a firm finish. It has understated accents like a grosgrain hat band, interior cowhide sweatband, and a special edition Stratoliner hat pin.

The Stetson Men's Andover Florenine Milan Straw Hat comes in 9 fitted sizes starting at 6 ⅞ up to 7 ¾  and comes in four different colors.

Two Roads Hat Company – Wynwood Straw Fedora Sun Hat


Two Roads Hat Company – Wynwood Straw Fedora Sun Hat


Wynwood is an eclectic arts district in Miami that inspired the Wynwood Straw Fedora Sun Hat. It’s a contemporary take on a classic style for people who want to showcase their urban style. 

The straw of the Wynwood is handwoven by artisans who take pride in their craft and product, and it shows. Its rugged, durable, rigid form stays true to its shape.

It has a 2.5” brim and a 4” crown, with a ¾” braided genuine leather band for a subtle touch of sophistication.

The Wynwood Straw Fedora Sun Hat comes in four colors and various sizes to suit the palette and style of men and women alike.

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Wide Brim Straw Hats for Cool Protection from the Sun

Mens straw hats provide cool and breathability even on the hottest summer days while allowing the wearer to showcase his style.

Both Panama and Fedora hats feature wide brims that provide excellent protection from the sun and are great for any outdoor activity. From a round of golf with your buddies, to afternoon cookouts with friends and family.

These wide brim hats are made with care and high-quality materials that will ensure they are durable and keep their shape every time you wear them. 

These hats are for the man looking to up his hat game from the plain old ball cap to a hat that's all about classic style and fashion.

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