Best Hats for Bald Men

5 Best Hats for Bald Men: Summer to Winter Ideas

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If you are bald or balding, owning hats is critical to protecting your head from the elements. You’ll want hats to keep your head warm in the winter and wide-brim hats for the summer to keep your head out of the sun.

We’ve got a list of the best hats for bald men that cover all seasons. You’ll probably want to get a couple of these hats for maximum comfort and to show a personal style.

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1. Best Overall: Cattleman Men’s Felt Cowboy Hat

The Cattleman Men’s Felt Cowboy Hat is the best hat for bald men because of its masculine shape and style. You don’t need hair to look good in this Yellowstone Dutton Ranch-inspired cowboy hat.

This hat is ideal year-round for keeping your head comfortably warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The robust felt construction insulates the head and blocks the wind. In the summer, the hat’s removable sweatband has moisture-wicking to keep the head cool, and a wide brim to keep the head safe from harmful UV rays.

2. Most Affordable: Flexfit Men’s Fitted Baseball Cap

The Flexfit Men’s Fitted Baseball Cap is ideal for bald men who want a secure baseball cap at a reasonable price. The cap utilizes Flexfit’s signature stretch band and a perfect blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex for a breathable, comfortable fit.

Well-rated, this perfect baseball cap comes in over 45 colors and seven sizes, ensuring you get the best fit for your head. The hat is blank, so you can customize it or wear it as a perfect neutral. And at under $15, this hat is tough to beat.

3. Best Beanie: Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Beanie

Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Beanie balances style, comfort, and utility. This sports beanie is made from a merino wool-polyester fleece blend and is super soft and warm. It’s also made for being active and has elastane so that it will fit snuggly on your head.

The Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Beanie comes in black and one size fits all. It has front and back reflectivity for being active in low-light conditions. It also has openings in the beanie to allow sunglasses to fit securely. 

4. Best Summer Hat: Milan Men’s Straw Fedora Hat


The Milan Men’s Straw Fedora Hat is the ideal straw hat for bald men during the spring and summer. This stylish Panama toquilla hat features a teardrop fedora and perforated cap that ventilates and cools while protecting the head from the sun.

The straw fedora comes in various sizes for the perfect fit and three neutral colors to compliment your style. It has a wide brim, sewn-in sweatband, and chinstrap for windy days. One of American Hat Maker’s most well-rated and top-selling hats, this featherweight hat is built to last.

5. Warmest Hat: Eddie Bauer Superior Down Trapper

If you live somewhere cold in the winter, then the Eddie Bauer Superior Down Trapper is essential during winter. This faux fur, ear-flap aviator hat is water repellent and has a 650-fill of premium down for ultimate insulation. 

The Eddie Bauer Superior Down Trapper hat is also on trend this season. Faux fur and ear-flaps are big this season, so you’ll be in style and ultra warm. That’s what we call a twofer. The hat comes in two dark neutral colors and two fits-all sizes.

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What Kind of Hat Looks Best on a Bald Man?

The beauty of being bald is that a hat can really add style and personality. When buying a hat for a bald head, you want to prioritize comfort and season because your hat will protect your head from the elements. The hats that look best on a bald man include:

  • Cowboy
  • Fedora
  • Newsboy
  • Bucket
  • Pork Pie
  • Trilby
  • Beanie
  • Trucker or Baseball cap 

What Should I Wear on a Shaved Head During the Summer?

For a shaved or bald head, you really need to protect your smooth scalp from UV rays during the summer. The best hats to do this are beanies for chilly mornings, straw hats for when the sun’s out, or bucket hats for 360-degree protection.

You want to look for hats that cover but also breathe. Moisture-wicking and perforation are essential for letting that summer breeze cool your head. And don’t forget the sunscreen.

How to Look Stylish as a Bald Man

MensXP recommends these seven tips for upping your style when you’re rocking a bald head:

  • Invest in hats, caps, and bandanas to show personal style and protect your head.
  • Wear bright colors to contrast your skin tone.
  • Wear fitted shirts to accentuate your torso because a bald head will make your torso appear bigger.
  • Wear prints and patterns to create a lean silhouette.
  • Wear fitted pants that complement what you got.

Wear a Hat Year-Round for Ultimate Protection

Bald men really need to protect their heads from weather and sun exposure. Picking one of these hats can provide the best style, comfort, and utility. Your location and weather conditions will influence which hat will suit you best. We recommend getting an all-around hat to protect your head from UV exposure.

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