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Add a custom flair to our premium, handcrafted hats with a quality hat band. After you shop all our hats and find your lifelong adventure companion, our collection of luxury hat bands will add a beautiful individual style to your look, with just one hat. Or if you ever lose your favorite hat band we have a whole selection of replacement hat bands.


These hat bands are made of high-quality materials handcrafted by expert artisans. Cowboy hat bands add a unique touch to a classic style, leather hat bands can turn any modern hat into a rustic statement piece, and fedora hat bands can help you make this iconic silhouette your own with extra flair. We also have hat bands for straw hats. No matter what your preference is, an American Hat Makers hat band will fit your style whether it be a horse hair hat band or rattlesnake hat band or whatever would be in between that.

•Leather I Horsehair I Beaded•

Cowboy Hat Bands 

You can elevate a beloved cowboy hat to new heights with a cowboy hat band. The western hat band we have for sale are made of classic materials like horsehair and leather. Rustic in nature and designed with a modern flair, these stylish additions are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Sometimes a cowboy hat feather band is just what you need to go from 0-100 in style factor.


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Top Hat Hat Bands 

A plain top hat is a perfect canvas for self-expression. Our designer hat bands add stunning expression to this classic shape. Take your top hat from simple to classy, to spooky, to patriotic in a matter of moments by swapping your hat bands based on the occasion (or your mood!). Looking for a badass look, try one of the concho hat bands and become the head honcho of any occasion.


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•Eastern Diamond Rattlesnake•

The Rattlesnake Band 

Sourced in the Eastern USA

  • You can’t beat the authenticity of an Eastern Diamond Rattlesnake hat band, sourced from its native habitat.


Perfectly Preserved Snake Heads

  • Our rattlesnake hat bands feature snake heads with the fangs still intact for maximum style effect.


Thoughtfully Designed and Carefully Sized

  • Our rattlesnake bands will fit most hats, so you can mix and match with your favorite styles.


Finished With Deerskin Leather

  • Our designers finished the rattlesnake hat band with soft, black deer leather to provide a striking contrast.


•Real Snakeskin I Real Snake Bones•

Rattlesnake Hat Bands 

Snakes have been both adored and feared the world over. And nothing makes a bolder statement than a genuine rattlesnake hat band. These distinctive hat bands will match any hat shape and any style. Made using real Eastern Diamond Rattlesnake skin, our rattlesnake hat bands are a stunning combination of craftsmanship and high-quality products.


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•Cowhide I Deerskin I Snakeskin•

Leather Hat Bands 

When it comes to versatility, our high-quality, premium leather products serve a range of needs and styles. Indeed, our leather hat bands are made in the widest range of colors and styles around. These hat bands can take your hat from a weekend getaway to a black-tie event in minutes, making them a must-have for every adventurer. Whether it be a womens hat band, or mens hat band we’ve got a selection for you. We even got a feather hat band made out of leather. All of our hat bands are gucci hat bands as in their designer features and handmade construction make them super cool.


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