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Is it ok to wear a straw cowboy hat in winter

You can keep wearing the straw cowboy hat till such time the winter months settle in. The straw cowboy hat is light and might not be able to secure your head against the harsh winter elements. Once it does, it's always better to opt in for a heavier hat fabric, like the wool felt or the leather cowboy hat. That way, you can keep your head protected from the chilly winds and cold air.

What does the 20x mean in a straw cowboy hat?

The 20x in the straw cowboy hat indicates the amount of straw that has gone into making the hat. The X factors decide on the straw narrowness and the tightness of the weave. Hence, in the case of the 20X, it indicates a good weave and narrower straw that makes the hat high-end. Usually, the X in straw cowboy hats is mentioned inside the hat.

What happens if a straw cowboy hat gets wet?

When a straw cowboy hat gets wet, the problem that occurs is that the straw can swell up. There is a possibility that the straw will lose the tightness. And that in turn, can impact the shape and crease of the hat. Though no one can guarantee that the straw hat will never get wet in the rain, it is necessary to focus on the drying technique so that the hat retains its shape.

Do cowboys wear straw hats?

If not all, most rodeo cowboys wear straw cowboy hats. It's because the straw cowboy hats are light, hence effective in beating the summer heat when they are outside doing their work. A good quality straw cowboy hat is also easy to maintain and carry. But that aside, most of them prefer to wear the classic cowboy hat, which has been the conventional choice for a long time.

What does a turkey feather in a cowboy hat mean?

The turkey feather in the cowboy hat is a sign of abundance and prosperity. In some regions, it is also a sign of fertility. People use the feather in the cowboy hats to denote a victory or as a sign of glory. There are times when people get gifted with a feather by a loved one or a friend. They can add a feather to the hat as a sign of a loving bond or memory.

What does a black cowboy hat mean?

According to the norm of the movies between the years 1920 and 1940, the black cowboy hat signified the darker aspects of life, like villainy and evil. It mostly got worn by the actors who essayed the character of villains, criminals, and gangsters. The white cowboy hats usually were worn by the heroes. However, today there is no such divide. The black cowboy hat is a celebrated fashion accessory worn alike by both men and women.