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The American Hat Makers' Difference

So, where should you buy a women’s fedora hat? Come visit us at American Hat Makers to see what sets our hats apart from other manufacturers.

We’re a different kind of women’s fedora hat maker — unlike other companies, we craft handmade leather, straw, and felt fedoras in every style you could imagine, all with the same quality construction that our customers have come to expect from our hat makers.

We also offer a vast selection of colors and sizes that you won’t find elsewhere!

All of our women’s fedora hats are made with the highest-quality materials; our hats are made to last for years. So no matter what style of fedora you need to complete your look, we’ve got you covered.

vintage-meets-modern complements any style

Shop the Best Women's Fedora Hats Online

Every woman needs a fedora hat in her arsenal — it’s a classic fashion accessory that you can’t do without. However, finding the perfect style and fit isn’t always easy.

There are so many women’s fedora hat brands and styles out there, making it difficult to know where to shop online; you don’t want to buy a fedora hat that doesn’t quite fit you or your style.

That’s why, at American Hat Makers, we work hard to make finding the perfect women’s fedora easy for you.

Fedoras for Women in Wide Brim, Flat Brim, Felt

Women’s fedoras come in all sorts of styles and materials, so how do you choose the right one?

Wide-brim women’s fedoras are exceptional at blocking out sun and rain. They are also universally flattering — no matter your face shape, a wide-brim fedora will look amazing!

Flat-brim women’s fedoras are eye-catching hats that are perfect for both casual and elegant settings.

We prefer women’s fedora hats made of felt; you won’t have to deal with a heavy, floppy brim getting in the way, and despite its softness, felt holds its shape exceptionally well.

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Handmade Leather, Felt, and Straw Fedora Hats

Put on a fedora hat for a vintage-meets-modern look that will complement any style. Our hats are handmade with outstanding craftsmanship in a variety of materials and colors.

The felt fedora was first claimed as chic womenswear by the suffragette movement at the turn of the 20th century. And with the modern fedoras at American Hat Makers, you can keep blazing those trails.

Take a brown, felt, wide brim fedora with you on your next road trip for a travel hat that adds the perfect dose of indie style. Pack a natural straw fedora for your next tropical vacation to make sure you’re protected from the summer sun while showing off your beach style.

Straw fedora hat womens style is delicately crafted for a light and beautiful type of hat. Add a black felt fedora to a menswear-inspired jumpsuit or two-piece set for a hat power move that’s great for work. Or wear a women’s leather hat in the same silhouette for an even bolder look. No matter your style, we have a silhouette to fit it.

Summit | Womens Felt Leather Fedora


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Our fedora hat women collections feature handmade leather hats, straw hats, palm hats, hemp hats, waxed cotton hats, and firm felt hats. We’ve designed the silhouettes after the original iteration of the original men’s fedora, because a classic look never goes out of style.

But we’ve carefully thought out fresh details and colors that make this ladies fedora hat perfect for the modern woman. Our felt fedora hat womens collection is revolutionizing the fedora look. It can be difficult to find a womens fedora summer hat that actually looks good, luckily for you we fixed that.

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We’ve also put a lot of care into sourcing the right materials to ensure your women’s fashion hat lasts as long as the memories you make while wearing it. Straw, hemp, or palm will be the perfect lightweight option to protect you from summer heat and is great to carry along on all your travels.

Waxed cotton’s virtual indestructibility will stand up to any rugged adventure you have planned, regardless of the weather forecast. Finally, felt and leather are versatile women’s hat options that have stood the test of time and continue to be classics with a wide brim style. The American Hat Makers womens fedora is an artful culmination of skill and taste.

Many Styles, the Same Quality Construction

When talking about the shape of a fedora, multiple pictures may come to mind. And as hat connoisseurs, we’re proud to say we make fedoras in the most popular silhouettes, highlighting the true versatility of this style.

There’s the iconic trilby, a more petite hat with an oval crown and either a diamond, open, or center crease along the top. This fedora hat comes to a rounded off point at the front center of the crown and has two pronounced indents on either side.

Maldives Moon | Womens Wide Brim Felt Fedora Hat


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The style is completed by perhaps it’s most distinguishing feature: a snap brim.

Think of a narrow brim that turns down slightly at the forehead and gradually bends until it is upturned in the back - similar to the hats made popular by the likes of silent film star Charlie Chaplin and singer Avril Lavigne.

A common variation of this is also a hat that has a thin, slightly upturned curl all around the brim, creating a rounded silhouette. A trilby style women’s fedora hat can add both a bit of menswear-inspired refinement to any outfit or a bit of edge, depending on how you style it.

Then there are the more relaxed, rancher fedora hats for women. These infused vintage western style with buttoned-up class in one artfully made hat. You’ll find a crown, crease, and bold pinch similar to the trilby hat, but often with a wider brim. 

The brim shapes also vary. You may find a leather rancher fedora with a slight downturn at the front, a brim that’s slightly downturned around the entire circumference of the hat, or a brim that is gently turned up at the sides. The latter is reminiscent of a women’s cowboy hat but maintains the fedora-shaped crown.

Lastly, we have two of our most popular styles: the wide brim felt and straw fedora hat for women and the straw panama hat. 

These have a large flat brim or a large brim that’s been slightly upturned all around to let light on your face, while still protecting you from the elements.

Regardless of the fedora hat style you choose to wear, you can be sure you’ve chosen the best quality and craftsmanship with an American Hat Makers item.

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Use a covered hat box to store your fedora to keep dust from settling onto your hat.

  • Store your women’s fedora upside down to keep the brim from becoming misshapen. Or use a Hat Hanger
  • Always grasp your fedora by the brim to help preserve its shape.
  • Don’t handle your fedora where the fabric comes together (called a pinch), or it can rip the fabric over time.
  • If your fedora gets wet, shake off the water and let it air dry.


Choose the right fit - you should have space for one finger between your hat and head.

Wear the right material - straw is great for summertime; wool and felt are great for cooler weather.

Fedora hats first became popular as a feminine hat that has masculine undertones. The timeless look came from the French actress Sarah Berhardt who played the starring role in the 1183 drama Fédora.

Fedoras are a perfect fit for everyone—they resurface in the fashion world over and over because they can become a blank canvas that you can turn into any style you like.

Women typically wear classic fedoras in neutral shades, including black, tan, ivory, and gray. However, you can break up your monochrome outfits by shopping online for women’s fedora hats with bold patterns and bright colors to transform that classic look!

Women wear fedoras for various reasons. Other than making a fashion statement, they have some practical benefits, like:

  • Protecting you from the sun and rain
  • Keeping you warm (wool and felt fedoras)
  • Shielding your eyes from the sunlight
  • Creating a unique style
  • Balancing out facial features

Plus, you can wear a fedora any time of the year; they aren’t just for spring and summer!

It’s important to style your hair to complement your fedora. You can opt for a ponytail or simply leave your hair down, but you can also get more creative. For example, a Boho side braid can help create a sophisticated look, and a pixie cut can make you look even more chic in your fedora.

Yes! While you can pair your fedora with a cocktail dress or palazzo pants for an elegant, chic look, you can also wear your fedora with jeans. Wearing ripped black jeans with a jacket and your fedora can make for a unique fashion statement, and your fedora paired with cuffed denim jeans is a great spring look.