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What American Hat Makers Can Do For Women Like You

At American Hat Makers, we have a great selection of large hats for big heads. We’re proud to make and produce our good hats for big heads here in the USA. Each item in our collection of women’s hats for big heads is as unique as a fingerprint. 

We don’t just have an oversized hat or two on hand. We also carry female hats for big heads in many styles, colors, and silhouettes. Our artisans carefully handcraft them with the utmost attention to detail. No matter your occasion, we strive to help you make the best statement with your hat. Our women’s hats for big heads have all the finery you’ve come to expect from American Hat Makers goods. 

We also have hat bands to help give your hat the best makeover. Our adjustable women’s hat bands come in diverse sizes to fit our female hats for big heads. Our hat bands are available for solo purchase to help you mix and match to your heart’s desire. 

From classic cowgirl to eclectic style icons, we have many sizes of women’s hats for big heads that come with no shortage of personality. A hat is a perfect way to express your style, and yours awaits your arrival today. 


How Our Women’s Top Hats Are Unique

We proudly hone our artisan skills to handcraft women’s leather top hats with bold, short, and tall crowns. They also contain subtly-flared brims and natural materials like premium leather and high-quality palm. Each of our women’s top hats is hand-sewn for clean lines and max impermeability. 

Depending on the hat’s material, we may treat them for a higher SPF and water resistance. These steps help make these hats great for outdoor concerts or music festival hats. 

We sell many classic, clean-cut top hats as well as those that contain these kinds of uniquely printed art: 

● Airbrushed prints of lone wolves and dragons

● Exotic plumage at the front or side of the crown

● Hat bands that feature chains, conchos, skulls, or taxidermy

● Lovely laces


These works of art help bring bold styles to trendsetters in awe of fine crafting and decoration.

Our classic modern women’s hat styles are all about unique expressions. We also have big hats for big heads that allow you to show your style off with comfort. Not only that, but our mesh, straw, and leather material mean that your hat is fit for any occasion. You’ll also enjoy the high-quality construction of our best hats for big heads that are durable and built to last. 


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What Makes Our Women’s Sun Hats One Of The Best

Our sun hats for women are a warm-weather classic that brings you comfort and style. They offer the best sun and rain protection for your outdoor adventures. Our women’s sun hats all have silhouettes that fit every style. 


Here are some of the features you can find in our American-made sun hats:

● Beaded hat bands

● Contrasting stitches

● Patterned hat bands

● Two-tone hat brim trims


We also make our sun hats by hand at our atelier or partner warehouses. Whether you’re using it for work or style, you can be sure they’ll bring you long-lasting durability. Not only that, but we have sizes up to extra large hats for big heads to bring you comfort. Our fine craftsmanship helps make our sun hats the best hats for big heads. 

Here at American Hat Makers, we have the best big hats for big heads that offer stylish protection and provide you with confident looks. Regardless of your choice of sun hat, your piece can take you effortlessly on any adventure with maximum peace of mind. 


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How Our Women’s Leather Hats Are Of The Best Quality

Show the world your unique style by buying women’s leather hats from American Hat Makers. We handicraft our leather hats from durable materials for a perfect, long-lasting fit. We also have more than 40 years of leather crafting experience.

Our process is of the best and most detail-oriented caliber. We add clean, firm lines to craft our leather hats before adding the perfect adornments. To help keep you cool and stylish, we add sweatbands and braided leather hat bands. Afterward, your hat comes to you in tip-top shape, ready for you to wear. We even offer oversized hats for big heads to help meet your exact style and comfort while enjoying their weather qualities. These features provide you with the perfect mix of form and function. We also add a hat strap so you won’t have to worry about your hat flying away in gusty winds.

These qualities make our leather hats the best hats for big heads. Not only that, they’re made to last for years to come. 


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What Makes Our Women’s Oversized Hats For Big Heads Top Quality

A hat that is a size too small is a tragedy. That’s why our team has a mission to make sure every hat fits every head. In past years, female hats for big heads were hard to find for many. Today, our team at American Hat Makers carefully crafts our most unique designs to fit every size head.

Our hat sizing proudly goes up to 65cm — that’s more than 10 cm larger than the average women’s hat size.

We also carry women’s extra-large hats for big heads in dozens of unique styles, colors, and silhouettes. Our team carefully crafts each women’s hats for big heads with the utmost attention to detail.

When you shop with us, you can be sure each hat will fit like a breeze. If you’re unsure of your hat size, we’ll help you find the right fit. If your hat arrives less than perfect, you can exchange it with no problem.

From classic cowgirl to style icons, our women’s hats for big heads come in diverse sizes with no shortage of personality. A hat is a great way to express your style. Find the one that awaits you today.


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How Our Women’s Cowboy Hats Bring You That Old Western Charm

The women’s western cowboy hats at American Hat Makers are where Wild West allure and modern comfort meet. Each one is a style staple of flawless craftsmanship and long-lasting quality. Whether you’re corralling cattle or performing the Texas Two-Step, our women’s cowboy hats will help complete your look.

Our hats are as tough as the trails themselves. We craft them from durable cowhide leather, breathable straws, or Western-style palm weave.


Here are the carefully selected details you’ll find on each hat:

● Contrasting leather and wool hat bands

● Color options from classic neutrals to bold teal and merlot

● Genuine rattlesnake skin

● Hand-tooled leather crowns

● Sturdy material on the underside of the brim for weather elements protection


With our careful craftsmanship, you’ll have an iconic piece to add to your legacy western collection. Many of our styles come with mesh, open-weft, or metal-grommet breezeways for the best airflow. They’ll keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can even use them to fan your campfire flames as you regale friends with stories of your past adventures.

We also have women’s hats for big heads that provide comfort as you enjoy that western look. As country music popularity spreads across the nation, women’s cowboy hats also travel from rural ranches to city streets. Today, country singers, cowgirls, fashionistas, pop stars, and socialites sport these iconic pieces. It’s not only functional outdoor wear — it’s also an ode to your American roots. It’s iconic, striking, and ready to come to your home today.


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