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Stay chic and comfortable with our women's hats. Our ladies hats blend fashion and practicality, providing the perfect accessory for every woman.

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Handmade Women's Hats

We've proudly handcrafted hats in California for over 50 years. Though steeped in tradition, we embrace modern practices to deliver hats that are contemporary while paying homage to traditional hat-making customs and designs.

A woman standing outdoors wearing a tank top with a sweater and a straw cowboy hat
Cowgirl Hats
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Fedora Hats for Women
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Sun Hats for Women


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Womens Straw Hats
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Felt Hats for Women
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Womens Leather Hats

Cute, Chic Hats for Women

Hats for women have been a beloved style since as early as the 16th century. Now, over 500 years later, women’s hats are just as crucial as ever when it comes to making a fashion statement. But to make the right statement, you need to make your pick from a selection of women’s designer hats that are made of the highest quality construction with only premium materials.

Fortunately, this American Hat Company has been making different types of hats for women since the 70s. What’s more, our skilled artisans are constantly honing their craft while our designers are expanding our silhouettes to bring you a mix of modern and classic styles. 

If you’re looking for cute hats for women, you’re sure to find them in our broad women’s sun hats collection. This collection features wide brimmed hats made of light materials like mesh or straw.

The vented crowns will keep your head cool as you work or play, while the bands, patterns and colors will add the right dose of fashion and fun. These hats will quickly become staples, for everything from garden work and a day on the ranch to a summer hike and a weekend golf getaway. 

For intrepid explorers of the West (or those simply inspired by them), our women's cowboy hats are a versatile, beloved silhouette. We combine the classic curved brim and high crown of a cowboy hat with high-end details for women’s designer hats that you’re sure to love.

Look for bold buckles, subtle braids, contrasting hat bands, and thoughtful stitching. You can also find options in every color from a sweet pink to natural leathers and straw. That means our women’s hats in western styles will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe while still showing off your style.

Hats for Women that Last a Lifetime

In addition to a range of styles, our women’s fashion hats are constructed from a variety of premium natural materials. Our supple leathers are always high-quality and hammered by hand. The straw fibers in our women's straw hats are hand-selected and hand-woven. In fact, each woman's hat we have is handmade in beautiful California. When you buy a hat from American Hat Makers, you’re supporting a company right here in the USA that’s committed to reducing waste and going carbon neutral. 

Our dedication to quality means we stand by each piece we create. We like to call our hats for women legacy pieces. And that means we want you to love your hat for the rest of your life -- and even pass it on to future generations. To help you do this, each hat comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and we offer refurbishing options. 

We also want to help you with learning to give your hat the care and attention it deserves. We have a leather conditioning kit to help you keep your well-loved women’s leather hat looking like new. If it ever gets dusty or dirty, just use a damp cloth to take care of the stain. We don’t recommend leaving your hat out in the heat (unless it’s on your head). But accidents happen, so if your hat ever does get left in a car on a summer’s day, you can use a hat cone or a coffee can to help it fit like a dream again.

Our fashion felt hats are made of 100% wool, and caring for them is simple. Get a soft hat brush and use it to take care of any dust or moisture, carefully brushing with the grain of your hat. For stubborn dirt, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe it away.

Final Hat Care Tips

No matter what your hat is made of, we don’t recommend storing it on the brim for long periods of time. Instead, use a hat stand or a hook to keep the pressure off the brim so your hat doesn’t fall out of shape. 

When properly cared for, each and every one of the American Hat Makers items in this collection will be your ready companion for many adventures to come. We can’t wait to see where you bring your new hat, and how you use it to showcase your personality to the world.