Purchase Our Wide Brimmed Felt Hats and Follow Your Wanderlust 

Buy our wide brim felt hats for women and get a reliable companion from the brunch table to the beach. This gorgeous collection of adventure hats features our stunning women’s wool hats. These hats are carefully handcrafted in the US from 100% all-natural wool. Wool is as durable as it is soft, so it can stand up to the test of time while topping off each memory with a gentle finish.

We fashion our felt while honoring the long history of this beloved textile. First, we clean and brush the wool, removing any burrs or dirt that came in through its long journey. Next, we untangle the fibers and retain only the strongest of them.

After that, we dye the wool, so your wide brim felt hat has colors that complement any photoshoot. Hues of festive plum, rich navy, or feminine pink are sure to stand out on glistening white sandy beaches. Solid and soft earth tones, on the other hand, seamlessly compliment a photoshoot-worthy landscape.

Then, we carefully size and hand-shape the finest wool into the perfect silhouette for a women's wide brim hat. Felt is made by “carding”, which uses a special tool that looks much like a comb to poke and guide the fibers into place. Once the fibers are locked together, they’ll hold their shape no matter what comes their way, standing up to heat, cold, rain, and snow – just like you.

Finally, we add the details. Any traveler knows the details are critical. When you’re traveling the world, the smallest moments make the difference between just another day and a memory that lasts a lifetime. When you’re making a hat, details like hand-stitching, leather bands, beads, and buttons make the difference between “just a hat” and an adventure hat that stands out in a crowd.

Hats Off to More Adventures and More Memories

The hats in our wide brim felt hat, women’s adventure collection are built to last a lifetime. They’ll be your companion on every journey because we created them to be the best travel hats in the world.  

Wide brim hats for ladies often put fashion over function, but these hats are designed for both. They’ll look and feel fabulous, from day 1 to day 101 and beyond, even when you’re not wearing them. 

Storing your wide brim felt hat can be as simple as resting it on a hat cone, but that’s not the only storage option. You can hang it on the wall as a beautiful reminder of your journeys, or store it in a hatbox so it’s always in mint condition. The most important part of storing your favorite wide brim felt hat women’s accessory for extended periods of time is to keep it out of direct sun or dust so it doesn’t get damaged.

If your adventure hat does collect some dust between your travels or catches some dirt while you’re on the road, cleaning is easy. Use a hat brush and gently brush your hat in the direction of the weft. The weft is the way the fibers of your hat intertwine with one another. They make a kind of fingerprint, so your hat is as unique as you are. 

After brushing, your wide brim felt hat should be ready to go again. For any particularly tough stains, use a lightly damp cloth to wipe them away or a cleaner formulated for felt hats.

When it comes to caring for your prized wide brim felt hat, the women’s travel companion, that’s really all you need to do. Putting this little bit of care into your hat enables it to love you back on every journey you go on for the rest of your life.