One of Our Most Popular Hat Styles

We offer a wide range of premium-quality women’s felt hats with timeless silhouettes and modern designs. From a hike in the woods to a night at the jazz club - the felt hat is ready for any adventure. 

Our collection features women’s felt rancher hats with a pinched crown, pronounced center crease, and wide brim. It offers a great selection of women’s pork pie hats, characterized by a flat crown, circular indent, and circular brim. And you’ll also find classic women’s fedoras of every brim size and color. 

Felt is one of the oldest textiles in existence, and is still one of the most popular hat-making materials to this day. Constructed with the utmost care and precision, our felt hat womens collection is made from pure, natural wool that has been diligently cleaned, untangled into individual fibers, sorted by quality, and artfully steamed, pressed, and interlocked together. As a naturally occurring animal fiber, wool is insulating, moisture wicking, antimicrobial, and odor-controlling. This makes our high-quality womens wool felt hats timeless, year-round pieces. And, when you put one of our women’s felt hats on your head, you can feel the history. You will appreciate the fine craftsmanship, sturdy frame, and superbly detailed stitching.

Women’s felt hats are a first choice for many ranchers and outdoor enthusiasts, but their refined look will add a touch of elegance to any sundress, pantsuit, or other casual style.

How to care for your felt hat

Our premium-quality felt hats are built as legacy pieces. They will be stylish fashion staples for years to come - so long as you take good care of them. This begins with proper storage.

For long-term storage, look for a hat box that fully supports both the brim and the crown. The ideal hat box has a hole cut out for the crown, where the hat can be stored upside down and the edges of the brim don’t touch the sides. This prevents the brim from warping. Your hat must be completely dry when stored, or the moisture will attract moths. You can help fend off these winged pests with a bit of lavender or some cedar blocks in your hat box.

If you want to keep your women’s felt hat as a display piece, you can store it on a peg or hat rack. To prevent warping, rotate your hat from time to time, and ensure that the peg isn’t sharp. Your display area should be out of direct sunlight, which can fade and age your hat. 

The next thing to consider is dust. Regular brushing and dusting can help extend the life of your felt hat. To do so, use a hat brush in a similar color to your hat and brush it gently in counter-clockwise circles. Be mindful to clean your hand beforehand, as something as simple as sunscreen can cause stains that are difficult to get out. If your felt hat in women’s styles becomes stained, make sure you use a specially-formulated hat cleaner to treat it.  

Our hats are constructed from the most tightly wound felt, which makes them water resistant. That means rain won’t hurt your American Hat Makers felt hat unless it’s a prolonged downpour. The important thing is to properly dry your hat once it gets wet to prevent it from losing its shape. 

We don’t recommend waterproofing your women’s wool hat, as this can affect the beautiful sheen and texture of your iconic piece. You should also avoid hair dryers or heaters, which can shrink or distort your hat.  

When your hat gets wet, simply flip the sweat band down and place it in a cool, dry location until it completely dries out. Using this proper care, these impeccable investment pieces will last you a lifetime.