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American Hat Makers

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Womens Top Hats

1 Million Hats made since 1972

Ships in 1 Day | Guaranteed

50 Years Family Owned

16,000+ | 5 Star Reviews

The American Hat Makers Difference

If you’re wondering where to buy a women’s top hat online, the answer is simple — from our collection at American Hat Makers. That’s easy for us to say, but what sets us apart from other hat makers, and why do our customers rave about our women’s fedoras, cowboy hats, and more?

Unlike many hat companies, we handcraft all of our hats right here in California using only the highest-quality leather, straw, wool, felt, and other materials. Plus, we carry top hats for women in any style, size, and color you could want, all with the top-quality construction that our customers expect from our local, experienced hat makers.

Whether you need a womens top hat for an upscale event or for casual outdoor wear, you’ll find the perfect fit with us at American Hat Makers.

a Classic Fashion Accessory for Women

Shop the Best Women's Top Hats for Sale Online

Top hats are a classic fashion accessory for women, but you need to find the perfect fit and style, which isn’t always easy.

If you’ve shopped for a women’s top hat online before, you know how many brands, styles, colors, fits, etc., are available, making it tough to choose - you could end up with a fedora that wasn’t quite what you wanted.

Here at American Hat Makers, we make finding the right top hat simple; you’ll find a wide selection of the highest-quality hats in various sizes, styles, and colors - we’ll help ensure you get the perfect top hat.

Purchase Women's Leather Top Hats and Steampunk Hats

Buy a women’s top hat from our collection and add personality to every style. Set the trend in a silk, straw or leather top hat.

Or get a ladies top hat with an airbrushed motif or laser-cut details on the side. Turn heads with a feminine pink or stark white topper, or let your edgy, steampunk side take center stage in our bold collection of Victorian top hats.

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From steampunk fairs and rock concerts to everyday wear, American Hat Makers is the leading US manufacturer of women’s leather top hats.

We have proudly honed our artisan skills for hand crafting women’s leather top hats and steampunk hats that incorporate bold, short and tall crowns with subtly-flared brims.

Our top hats are made from natural materials like premium leather and high-quality palm. And, when it comes to details, our experienced designers didn’t restrain their talent with our ladies top hat collection.

We sell plenty of classic, clean cut top hats.

But our bold trendsetters will be even more delighted to find an abundance of airbrushed prints (think of a lone wolf howling at the moon or life-like dragon scales), eye-catching hat bands (featuring chains, skulls, taxidermy, and conchos), exotic plumage that’s been expertly placed at the front or side of the crown, and lovely lace - à la the Victorian top hats of yesteryear.

Rogue | Womens Breathable Mesh Top Hat


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A woman’s top hat is a menswear staple worn by women who aren’t afraid to go against the grain. It adds a certain allure to any outfit, speaking volumes without saying a word.

Indeed, our classic-made-modern women's hat styles are all about unique expression. Their sharp refined lines and bold proportions between crown and brim make them the perfect statement piece.

Meanwhile, our selection of mesh, straw, and leather materials mean that your ladies top hat is also perfectly suited for any occasion, with a quality construction that will last years.

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Trendy Top Quality Top Hats for Women

When you rest an American Hat Makers piece on your head, you can rest assured that you’re wearing quality.

Whether your new favorite hat is rugged and worn leather, breezy palm, or versatile mesh, we take time to source only the finest materials. And when it comes to turning these raw materials into a fashionable masterpiece, our hat makers are true artists.

We’ve been honing our craft since 1972, and take pride in each and every top hat that leaves our workshops.

Each of our women’s top hats is hand sewn for clean lines and maximum impermeability (some are treated for water resistance, while others are 100% soakable!). 

Depending on the material of your hat, it may be treated for a higher SPF and/or water resistance, making them great outdoor concert or music festival hats. They are then hand-molded to get the iconic women’s top hat shape and a range of sizes.

Marlow | Womens Leather Top Hat | Lil Evil Hat Band


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We proudly offer a wide selection of leather and steampunk top hat styles in our collection of women's hats for big heads. Because everyone deserves a designer piece that feels custom-made, regardless of the size of your head.

After sizing the hat band, we don’t stop there. To make truly striking women’s steampunk hats, we look to our creative design team for artistic inspiration. 

Masterful airbrushing in metallic colors, life-like taxidermy, and compliment-inducing crown designs will ensure your women’s top hat from American Hat Makers will leave a lasting impression anywhere you wear it.

The detailed construction of our women’s top hats means they can follow you off the dance floor and out on the town. The materials stand up to the elements, while the style keeps you Insta-ready and feeling fabulous.

Our women’s top hats are truly a different breed of hat made for the modern woman with unique style.

With the expert craftsmanship, refreshing styles, and a Lifetime Refurbishment Warranty, they are wearable collector’s pieces that will last as long as the memories you make with them atop your head.