Wide Brim Hats for Women

Stay chic and protected with our wide brim hats for women. Every womens wide brim hat combines fashion-forward design with essential sun defense.

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The American Hat Makers Difference

Simply put, American Hat Makers is the place to go if you're in the market for a floppy hat. Come check how we stack up against the competition and buy a hat from us now.

Our skilled hatmakers can expertly craft any kind of wide-brimmed hat, from felt to leather to straw, to the satisfaction of our clients.

Also, you won't find such a wide variety of sizes, designs, and hues anywhere else!

Our wide-brimmed hats for women are constructed from the highest quality materials and are guaranteed to outlive any other brand. Whatever your preferred aesthetic, you'll find it here.


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Shop the Best Wide Brim Hats for Women Online

Wide-brim hats are a year-round staple in women’s fashion; however, all wide-brimmed hats aren’t created equal. 

With their rising popularity, brands everywhere have started selling floppy, wide-brim hats for women, making it challenging to find high-quality ones mixed in with the masses. The last thing you want is to receive the wide-brim hat you’ve been waiting for all week only to find out that it doesn’t fit or look like the picture, etc.

At American Hat Makers, finding the perfect wide-brim hat for any occasion is easy! So we have the perfect hat for you, whether for bumming on the beach during the summer or wearing it to Sunday brunch with the girls.

A woman on a swing wearing white tops and a Hudson Black Felt Fedora Hat

Floppy Hats for Women, Wide Brim, Flat Brim Styles

Floppy hats are in — no wardrobe is complete without one of these accessories. You’ll find it all in our shop at American Hat Makers, from wide-brim felt hats, straw hats, and wide-brimmed fedoras to the biggest, floppiest women’s sun hats.

No matter the color, style, or material you choose for your floppy hat, we have the wide-brim and flat-brim hats perfect for every occasion. Wide-brimmed felt fedoras are perfect for classy events and parties, while floppy straw hats are perfect for any hot summer day.

Floppy hats for women are perfect for form and function — keep your hair and face out of the elements while making a unique style statement.

A young woman sitting down and wearing a White sleeveless with a straw sun hat by American Hat Makers
A woman in front of a cactus wearing a white straw sun hat

Find a Wide Brim Hat for any Occasion

At American Hat Makers, our wide brim hats for women are a special collection that highlights a breadth of styles. From versatile, neutral colors to unique laser-cut detailing, each one is unique - just like you. We’ve carefully selected different materials, colors, and accents to ensure you have a way to show off your unique personality and complement a variety of outfits.

From flowy summer dresses and boyfriend jeans to menswear-inspired pantsuits and cozy sweaters, a wide brim hat will add a rustic expression to any ensemble.

These hats are characterized by a large circular brim with no crease that can be worn low on the brow or tipped back on the head. They may include trim around the brim or a contrasting hat band for extra interest.

As for the crown shape and height, there are multiple options to choose from. Women’s fedora hats have a pronounced pinch, a diamond-shaped indent, and a hat band encircling the crown.

Pretty woman leaning on fence wearing the Barcelona womens wide brim hat by American Hat Makers

You can add a bit of whimsy magic by choosing one with a feather in the band or some western flair by selecting one with a pattern or leather details. Women’s pork pie hats have a low, round crown with no pinch and no indent - clean, sharp lines that create a striking silhouette with flat, wide brim. 

And women’s sun hats are generally made with felt or woven straw in classic boater, panama, or floppy wide brim, and wide brim fedora styles. Many of these are constructed with comfortable elastic bands and extra ventilation in the crown to keep you cool in the summer heat, especially our wide brim hats for ladies.

Our wide brim fedora hat womens collection also exemplifies what it means to combine cool with staying cool.

Regardless of the style that speaks to your heart, when you choose a piece from our wide brim and wide brim felt hat collection, you can be sure you are receiving a women’s fashion hat that’s been handcrafted from the highest-quality, natural materials to ensure long-lasting wear.

Woman in horse stable wearing the Roper womens wide brim hat by American Hat Makers
Woman leaning against wall wearing the Hudson womens wide brim hat by American Hat Makers

Caring for Your Womens Wide Brim Hat

A wide brim hat takes just an extra bit of care to ensure it keeps its iconic shape. The most important things to understand are proper storage and cleaning. 

Natural materials such as spun wool and woven straw keep their shape quite beautifully, but using a large rigid hat box that covers both the brim and crown will help prevent any unnatural crushing or creasing. You can also hang your hat - just use a specific hat peg and make sure there is plenty of room for the circumference of the entire brim to sit against the wall unobstructed.

To remove any dust that has accumulated, you will want to use a soft bristle brush to gently brush in the same direction as the nap of the felt or hair. You will want to pay attention to areas that have natural whorls, to maintain the integrity and natural appearance of the hat. Any oils or stains should be removed as quickly as possible (and prior to storage) with a light dusting of cornstarch or talcum powder. 

After letting the powder sit for a few hours over the affected area, lightly brush away and continue to brush the brim and crown of your hat as normal. If you know you’ll be wearing your wide brim hat on particularly dusty adventures, you can opt for a light cream or natural brown color, as those will disguise dust best - and will look great with nearly every outfit you have.

woman with a shawl looking at the flowers in the field wearing a black hat by american hat makers
Woman laughing on beach wearing the Rancher womens wide brim hat by American Hat Makers

If you find yourself getting caught in the rain while wearing one of our women’s wide brim hats, you don’t need to worry much. We’ve made them to withstand the test of time and stand up to the elements. But you should always shake off any excess water and make sure it fully dries before putting it back in its hat box or on a hat peg.

Equal parts form and function, our wide brim felt hat womens collection of hats and wide brim hats deliver the latest trends to protect you from the elements and make an enduring style statement.

Wide brim hat womens faq

A wide-brim hat should have a brim of 3+ inches — they can also be up to eight inches!

The floppy hat is a stylish accessory that goes by many names, including sun hat, field hat, harvest hat, wide-brim hat, and barretina.

Wide-brimmed hats come in many styles, including fedoras, sun hats, cowgirl hats, boaters, and more!

  • The wider the brim, the more sun protection you get
  • Check to see if the sun hat also shades the back of your neck
  • Flat crowns can make you look shorter, and high crowns can make you look taller
  • Choose a natural color if you plan to wear it with many outfits
  • Straw hats will keep you cool while felt hats will keep you warm

Those beautiful baggy hats you see on women everywhere go by many names: floppy hat, sun hat, wide-brim hat, field hat, barretina, and harvest hat

  • Choose a wide-brimmed hat with a slightly smaller brim if you have a diamond-shaped face 
  • Look for a wide-brimmed hat with a broad brim if your face is oblong 
  • Pointed wide-brim hats look the best if you have a round face 
  • Find a wide-brim hat with a curved brim to complement your face if it’s square

Yes, and wide-brimmed hats aren’t just for summer! Wool and felt boaters and fedoras make for perfect winter wear — keep the straw hat for summertime. Wide-brimmed fedoras are a staple for every season this year, and the wide-brimmed silhouettes create a balance for oversized blazers and overcoats that everyone will be wearing this fall and winter.