5 Best Online Hat Stores: Best Places to Buy Hats Online

5 Best Online Hat Stores: Best Places to Buy Hats Online

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Shopping for hats online can feel overwhelming. With so many hat styles and brands to choose from, where should you look to find online hat stores that carry all the latest trends and styles? While some people prefer to buy from the hat brand directly, you can usually find better deals and options at larger online hat stores.

We’ll list the best online hat stores to shop from this season. And we’ll list the best brands and styles that will be trending this year. You’ll surely find a great deal on this year’s trending hat styles by shopping at one of these best hat shops.

1. Best Overall Online Hat Store: American Hat Makers

American Hat Makers has the best quality construction and attention to detail, making our hat company the best overall online hat store. Our competitors can’t beat our durability and high-quality materials. We have a broad range of classic and trendy hat styles.

We’ve made beautiful hats for men, women, and children since 1972. With fifty years of experience, our craftsmanship delivers exceptional quality you can see and feel in every stitch. We offer the best online hats available.

Our hats are American-made in Santa Cruz, California, where the details are our signature, whether it’s moisture-wicking sweatbands, stiff, rigid construction, or our lifetime guarantee. Our customers rave about our quality and durability.

Looking for a great hat for that special man in your life? Shop our top-selling mens hats and womens hats.

2. Best Customer Service Online: The Village Hat Shop

Another California-based hat shop, The Village Hat Shop, is known for its extensive selection of hats for women and men. But what makes their online hat shop special is their customer care, offering chat with hat experts to help you find the right fit and style for you.

They offer affordable, top-quality brands including Jaxon, Stetson cowboy hats, Scala, Bailey, and more. You can find most major brands and styles at The Village Hat Shop. 

3. Best Online Hat Store for Sports Fans: Lids

Lids is the best online hat store for people who want branded hats from their favorite sports teams and fandoms. They specialize in providing baseball hats for every sports team, such as:

  • NCAA
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • MLS
  • College

You don't have to travel to the stadium to buy overpriced merch for your team. Lids is your best bet for finding your favorite team’s hat at a reasonable price. And they offer hats in a variety of sizes and colors. 

The downside, Lids is primarily baseball hats, visors, and bucket hats. If you want another style of hat, you’ll want to go to a different online hat store.

4. Biggest Inventory: Hats Unlimited

Hats Unlimited carries every style of hat for women, men, and children, whether it’s on trend or not. They have over 10,000 hats in their inventory of different styles, colors, designs, and sizes. They even have a category for American flag hats. If you are looking for a particular hat style, you’ll more than likely find it here.

Hats Unlimited carries 57 premium hat brands and 31 styles of hats, including lifeguard hats, pork pie hats, top hats. If it goes on your head, they have a category for it. The quality of hats ranges on the website, so you’ll find everything under the sun. Read the reviews to ensure you buy a hat that will last. 

5. Best Online Hat Store for Trending Styles: Hats.com

Founded in 2001, Hats.com has everything under the sun regarding hats for men and women. It carries a huge inventory of hat styles, fabrics, and colors. But you need to know what hat style you’re looking for when you browse their shop, or it will become overwhelming.

One of their best features is Hats.com’s seasonal selection of the hottest trends. They stay current on hat trends and fashion, so they’ll recommend the latest styles for each season if you like to follow trends. You may not get the best prices, but you’ll know what hat to wear for the season.

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What Companies Make the Best Hats? 

When it comes to hat brands, these are some of the best hat companies for quality and style:

  • American Hat Makers
  • Bailey
  • Barbour
  • Borsalino
  • Christy’s of London
  • Goorin
  • Lock & Co.
  • New Era
  • Stetson

What is the Most Popular Hat to Wear?

When it comes to the style of hats, some hats will never go out of style. Here's our list of the most popular hats that are always in style:

  • Baseball
  • Beanie
  • Bucket
  • Newsboy
  • Fedora
  • Panama
  • Lifeguard

What Hat Styles are Trending?

While many of these hat styles never go out of style, some trend higher depending on the season. For now, these hats are high fashion for men:

  • Fedora
  • Bucket
  • Panama
  • Chunky knit
  • Fur
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Beanie
  • Snood
  • Berets
  • Kepis

For women, hat trends will be all about textures and neutrals. These womens hat styles are going to be big trends for women:

  • Beanie
  • Bucket
  • Bound with a pomp
  • Beret
  • Snood
  • Large Brim
  • Fedora
  • Cloche

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You Can’t Go Wrong Shopping at the Best Online Hat Stores

If you want specific hat brands, branded merch, or high-quality style, our list of best online hat stores has it covered. You’ll find the best deals for trending hat styles and brands by shopping at one of these online retailers.

American Hat Makers is a leading American hat designer with a history of high-quality construction and durability. Our stylish hats are made to last. We also value our customers, providing the best customer care and a lifetime warranty on all men’s and women’s hats.

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