Best Hats for Small Heads

5 Best Hats for Small Heads: Low Profile and Fitted

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People with smaller heads have a more challenging time finding hats that look good and fit. The standard one-size-fits-all usually drown a small head or doesn’t fit securely.

If you have a smaller head, you want to look for fitted hats with a lower profile, which mold to your head's crown. We’ve got a list of the best hats for small heads:

1. Best Overall Hat for Small Heads: Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat

The Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat is our best overall hat for small heads because of its classic fedora style and versatility. This paper/polyester blend sun hat is UPF 50+ resistant and has an interior-wicking sweatband that keeps the hat securely in place.

The fedora is ideal for small heads because its wider brim creates balance with your shoulders and adds sophistication to your look. It comes in multiple sizes for a better fit and three neutral colors.

2. Best Beanie for Small Heads: The North Face Jim Beanie


The North Face Jim Beanie is the best beanie for a low-profile fitted look. Made from a wool blend, this classic-fit beanie stretches to fit and can keep your head extra warm. It has a polyester lining for additional comfort.

The Jim Beanie comes in sixteen colors and isn’t too thick. You can stay warm without drawing extra attention to your head. While it is one-size-fits-all, it is a reasonably small beanie that stretches to your head. So if you have a smaller head, you don’t have to worry that the beanie will be too big.

3. Most Affordable Hat for Small Heads: KBETHOS Original Classic Low Profile Cotton Hat


The KBETHOS Original Classic Low Profile Cotton Hat is ideal for people with small heads because the cap has an adjustable buckle to cinch the cap snugly. It also has a shorter bill, so it looks more proportionate on a small head.

The most affordable hat on our list, this classic baseball cap comes in 42 colors and prints and is made from 100% cotton. It’s lightweight and has a robust construction. The Original KBETHOS Classic Low Profile Cotton Hat is well-rated and will work with any casual outfit.

4. Best Wide-Brim Hat for Small Heads: Adidas Men’s Victory 4 Bucket Hat

The Adidas Men’s Victory 4 Bucket Hat is the best bucket hat for small heads. This 100% Polyester wide-brim hat offers 360-degree protection and is perforated for ventilation and breathability. If you want sun protection, this is your best bet.

The hat comes in seven colors and two sizes to fit your style preference. It has a drawstring closure for a secure fit and a moisture-wicking sweatband. The bucket hat fits true to size and won’t swamp your head.

5. Boldest Hat for Small Heads: VOBOOM Men’s Herringbone Flat Ivy Newsboy Hat


The VOBOOM Men’s Herringbone Flat Ivy Newsboy Hat is the boldest short-brim hat on our list. For guys who prefer an elevated style, this newsboy cap is sure to turn heads. The short brim keeps the attention on your face and comes in small sizes for smaller heads.

The VOBOOM Men’s Herringbone Flat Ivy Newsboy Hat comes in nine colors and has a soft quilted lining for ultimate comfort. The wool/polyester blend will warm your head while making a statement. This is an excellent hat for elevating your look.

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What Hat Looks Good on a Small Head?

The best hats that look good on smaller heads include the following:

  • Beanies: These stretch-to-fit hats will securely stretch to fit your head and won’t look too bulky.
  • Adjustable Baseball Caps: The adjustable baseball cap will ensure the fit isn’t too big and often have a low profile so that they mold to your head and are proportionate.
  • Fedoras: Fedoras are smaller fitted hats with wide brims that help your head balance with your shoulders. They often come in small sizes and sit low on your crown, which adds more style to your look. 

You should avoid Trucker caps because they will make your head look even smaller.

What is a Low Profile Fitted Hat?

A low-profile fitted hat has a crown that sits lower on your head and fits more securely. Low-profile hats look great because it molds to your head better, which is ideal for smaller heads and doesn’t look bulky. 

Low-profile is very stylish and comfortable because it is designed to mold to your head and often comes in comfortable fabrics. If you have a small head, you’ll want to look for low-profile styles that will complement your head shape.

What’s the Smallest Size for a Fitted Hat?

According to the fitted hat size chart, the smallest size you can find a fitted hat is 6 3/8. People with smaller heads should look for fitted hats in the 6 3/8 to 6 7/8 range. You may want to size up if you have a lot of hair.

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Low-Profile Hats are Your Best Hats for Small Heads

When looking for a great hat for a smaller head, you want a low-profile hat that snugly fits around your crown. You’ll want hats that are adjustable or come in smaller sizes than a seven.

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