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Cattleman - Mens Felt Cowboy Hat - Western Hat Band
Hollywood - Mens Leather Cowboy Hat
Billings - Mens Straw Cowboy Hat - Western Hat Band
Pioneer - Mens Straw Cowboy Hat
Cattleman - Womens Felt Cowboy Hat - Western Hat Band
Hollywood - Womens Leather Cowboy Hat
Billings - Womens Cowboy Straw Cowgirl Hat
Pioneer - Womens Straw Cowboy Hat
The Jon Wayne Cowboy Hat To The Brad Pitt Cowboy Hat
The American Cowboy Hat

Texas hat, western hat, whatever you call it the American cowboy hat is a timeless piece of innovation and fashion. Our mens cowboy hats are made with that in mind. From our cowboy hat bands to the snakeskin cowboy hat, everything we've developed and released here at American Hat Makers is perfected beyond the industry standard. A real cowboy hat is about what goes into it. Our leather cowboy hats are handmade with quality first. The cattleman cowboy hat, mens straw cowboy hats, or the simply iconic black cowboy hat every single one of our hats can't be beat.

Mens Straw Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats have been around for centuries and have been a staple of American history ever since John B. Stetson's hat was nicknamed "Boss of the Plains" American Hat Makers is proud to be part of western history offering different Cowboy hat styles for everyone.

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leather cowboy hats

There's no badass cowboy hat that is more, than an A.H.M. American made cowboy hat. These real bullhide hats are the leading leather caps on the market.

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different styles of cowboy hats

Cowboy Hat Breakdown

Cowboy Hat Crown Shapes

The vertical part of the hat

cowboy hat brim styles

The horizontal part of the hat. Defines the silhouette.

picture of felt cowboy hat in reference to the diagram
Hat Band

The band on the crown. click here to see our selection

cowboy hat crease styles

The molding in the crown. See blog

The Clint Eastwood Cowboy Hat

Felt Cowboy Hats

Ranchers, Tejanas, and Cattlemans.

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From Doc Holliday To Indiana Jones
Different Types of Cowboy Hats
Why American Hat Makers is the best American Hat Company

With so many cowboy hat styles! to choose from it can be difficult to find that one that really speaks to you. Different styles of cowboy hats can range anywhere from flat brim cowboy hats all the way to a denim cowboy hat. We bring it back around all the way to the classic 10 gallon hat. The variety is massive but so is the variety in quality and craftsmanship. That’s why here at American Hat Makers we’ve collected together the highest quality selection of iconic American cowboy hats for you to choose from.

Our 100 percent premium cowhide leather cowboy hats come rugged and ready for anything. Our straw cowboy hats are the finest of hats in both design and quality. Looking for something more exotic? Well we don’t have an alligator cowboy hat but feel free to check out our snakeskin cowboy hat, or snakeskin cowboy hat bands. Both will blow you away with spectacular handmade quality craftsmanship.

AHM's speciality

Different types of cowboy hats are our specialty. Featuring incredibly tasteful designs from our in-house artists. White cowboy hat? We’ve got you covered. Red cowboy hat? We got those too, each with intricately designed details and color palettes. A Texas cowboy hat is a lot to live up to. That’s why we’ve spent countless hours of time and research figuring out how to create western cowboy hats. Any ranchero would be proud to wear. Yellowstone cowboy hats are something else we’ve tackled. Reaching the subtle beauty and what a Yellowstone cowboy hat represents is a tall order. If anyone can do it American Hat Makers are the ones to do it.

All our hats have a premium water-resistant finish on them. Ensuring that despite rain, sleet, or snow your great look will never be compromised. Even with our cowpoke hat. From small to wide brim cowboy hats we have everything you need. We know how hard it can be to find a size 8 cowboy hat, and especially one you can actually see yourself in. From the black cowboy hat to a Mexican cowboy hat we’ve got a big cowboy hat for everyone. Black cowboy hats for men, womens black cowboy hats, or classic tan cowboy hats every single one is a USA cowboy hat. We strive to be the best American hat company on the planet. To be at the top of the line we want to provide you with the best cowboy hats for sale anywhere.

Womens Cowboy Hats

A designer cowboy hat is guaranteed to impress friends, family, and strangers alike. A womens cowboy hat and womens straw cowboy hats are a delicate matter. We’ve considered every female cowboy hat possibility. From a womens white cowboy hat to a vegan cowboy hat every possibility was triple checked and cross referenced before we decided that female cowboy hats are still cowboy. That cowboy womens western hats should be just as impressive and regal as our mens collection. But if you are looking for something a little more feminine, then we do have a womens pink cowboy hat for you. So feel free to check out our full collection of womens cowboy hats. Get yourself one fine tejana hat.

More About Our Hats

If you’re looking for something that has a natural classic look you might be interested in our pinch front cowboy hats. With handmade quality and finishings our cowboy hats just can’t be beat. Cowhide cowboy hat, waxed cowboy hat, and especially our badass cowboy hats you’re guaranteed to find a hat you love or your money back.

Our Hollywood cowboy hat is a great example of quality craftsmanship. Like the factory model of a great car, this cowboy hat features all the workings of a top of the line leather cowboy hat. It could be used in lieu of dress hats or a ranch hat, whichever you need. Handmade from premium top shelf leather, this hat effortlessly represents the spirit of the cowboy. A hat that can truly be worn with anything, anywhere, anytime. This craftsmanship and pride doesn’t come about magically.

50 years of making nice hats

Our company has been working tirelessly for 50 years to bring you top of the line accessories for your head. With this wisdom comes technique, technique begets quality and quality must be shared with the world. From utilization of real buttery soft buffalo leather to our limited edition cowboy hat releases everything at American Hat Makers is built with pride to perfection. Our hats are at the forefront of the fashion industry and on the forehead of real working cowboys. We carry the size 8 straw cowboy hat because we know big heads need a large cowboy hat.

Features Of Our Hats

Sun, sweat, rain, and a poor looking outfit shouldn’t stop you from having a good day. That’s why our hats protect against all four. Our cowboy hats are UPF 100 meaning that all the harmful rays from the sun are blocked by our hats. We utilize a removable sweatband on our hats allowing for versatile sizing options with our sizing inserts, meaning a hat will never be too big. As well as cleanliness in the sense that you can wash out a day’s worth of sweat from the brim of your hat. Preventing buildup of stains and bacteria. Our hats also feature a waterproof finish that helps protect the hat from liquids just as much as you. Finally all of our hats are handmade to perfection with designer quality finishes and taste.

A tactical cowboy hat is hard to realize but our hats have the quality and perfection that is worthy of the Army Rangers. Not to mention our American straw cowboy hats, utilizing American design to bring you amazingly comfortable work ready straw hats. Our mens cowboy hats are like no other. We’ve tirelessly worked to imbue the spirit of the West into our hats. From crowns to brims from creases to pinches all of our hats have thought and care put into them every step of the way. A tan cowboy hat may appear to be a simple feat. But considering factors such as shading, lighting, regional dirt colors, and overall tone. Getting the right tan is a feat in and of itself. You might say to yourself, “well I’m sure a black cowboy hat is easier.” I would agree with you too, if we were the average hat company. But the black cowboy hat is a look that we sought to perfect.

From the look of the distressed hat to the choice of tasteful cowhide leather. The black leather cowboy hat that American Hat Makers represents is challenged by no other manufacturer. From the sheens, textures, and finishes we utilize are the pinnacle of hats. Our white leather cowboy hat even has a sense of holy presence to it. The rolled brim cowboy hat is also a look that we’ve mastered. From the Western Cowboy Hat to the Stockade our hats utilize techniques and trade secrets that combine together to make incredible hats. The wonder doesn’t stop there, the multitude of cowboy hat shapes that we have in our collection give you unlimited opportunities to customize your style.

The Future Of This American Hat Company and Your Hat’s Future

We already have plenty of cowboy hats for sale. But as time goes on our cowboy hat catalog is only going to expand. We here at American Hat Makers take pride in selecting the finest products for our customers to enjoy. This process takes time. To inspect by hand every possible product we might put on our line takes dedication and knowledge of the hat industry. Knowledge and dedication that has been developed for over 50 years.

Over these fifty years we’ve learned everything that goes into a hat that lasts. We offer a lifetime refurbishment plan with all of our hats. We know that it takes a lifetime for our hats to even start to degrade in the slightest. The future of this American Hat Company is bright. To light the way we won’t stop at anything to forge a path of quality top shelf products forward. We’ve had customers from over thirty years ago come to us with their American Hat Makers hats ready to get their refurbishment. We gladly helped. Our goal is to make sure that them or you won’t have to worry about your hats for generations to come. We take this time and use this knowledge to deliver you, our trusted, good looking customer, the finest hat that money can buy. We even provide the finest leather conditioner and leather care kit to ensure your hat lasts generations upon generations.

I also have an exciting announcement, American Hat Makers is overhauling a collection of fine mens felt cowboy hats and womens felt cowboy hats. These men’s felt cowboy hats are the highest quality wool felt hats on the market. Coming in women’s styles and shapes too, the felt and wool cowboy hat that we produce will blow you away with their quality. The discussion of a wool vs felt cowboy hat has been a long standing one. Either way the ones we will provide you with will be a top of the line version of both. Or we aren’t American Hat Makers. So go get an excellent doc holliday hat today.

Cowboy Hat Etiquette When it Comes to Why We’re The Greatest

A wide brim cowboy hat has its own challenges. Balancing the proud features of the enlarged brim with a natural tasteful look is something only American Hat Makers can accomplish. Other more relaxed brands might churn out something that is half of what our hats are, and it will show with time. You might be a month into owning some other brand's hat and you will quickly notice the flaws in their design. Whether it be stitching coming loose or color fading in a distasteful way. No matter what it is the problem won’t be the case with an American Hat Makers hat.

We’re Cowboy Hat Makers

Cowboy hat brim shapes in general are a feat to tackle. Originally cowboys would shape the brims themselves giving each hat an individual taste that can be seen by regional differences in style. A Montana cowboy hat would look different than a Dallas cowboy hat. We’ve taken this concept of individuality and expressed it in all of our hats. We give you the option to customize your hat with hat bands for cowboy hats. Or you can select from our wide selection of colors and styles. We’re not going to tell you how to wear a cowboy hat. But we will certainly give you every option available, the good looking ones only of course. We're no boot shop, we are a American western hat making company.

Need a cowboy hat that can take a beating, then our outback cowboy hat is just your thing. Being totally crushable and smashable these outback hats can stand up to anything and naturally retain their glorious shape. Pack it in your luggage, put it in your pocket, the outback cowboy hats we have are like no other. Need a cowboy with some rugged finesse? I highly recommend the Cyclone hat. Check it out here.

Everything Else You’d Need To Know About Cowboy Hats

Looking for something with a little more breathability? Then the mesh cowboy hat we make is what you’re looking for. Constructed out of fine leather and durable mesh. Our hats will make you feel like you’re relaxing with a polar bear on a hot summer's day. With a ladies cowboy hat in the mesh style too, everybody can stay cool and look great this summer.

Need a low crown cowboy hat? We’ve got you covered. If a small brim cowboy hat is more of your thing we’ve got that too. Our cowboy hat selection is unbeatable, we even have a cowhide leather cowboy hat and mens straw cowboy hats. If you need a western hat that blocks sun but stays fresh and breathable then we’ve got a cowboy sun hat for you. Need a cowboy hat that looks fashionable and high-brow then we got you covered with the fedora cowboy hat.

We are the cowboy hat makers of America, we are American Hat Makers. We have a designer cowboy hat for everyone, and I say that our womens and mens cowboy hat styles are designer, with utterly great confidence. Combined with our womens and mens cowboy hat bands selection the options for your Stetson are truly limitless.

The Sizes We Carry

Find your hat in any size we carry xxl, xx, and 3x hats. All our cowboy hats for big heads are all made to an excellent standard. Even our pink hat has a royal air about it. 4 inch brim, 2 inch brim, our selection of cowboy hats varies greatly, each with a unique style and look. Our hat selection has the best cowboy hats available, and we want you to know just what’s in them. Whether it be our finest black leather cowboy hat, or one of our men’s cowboy hat bands. We want you to be assured that quality and continuity comes first here at American Hat Makers.

American Hat Makers Products Are Top Of The Line

For example our cowboy hat bands mens selection features handmade artisan hat bands that are constructed from the finest premium cowhide leather. The leather that we put into our hats lasts generations. We’ve had hats from customers over thirty years back come for their lifetime refurbishment. Because a lifetime of elegance and quality is what American Hat Makers makes. All of the mens leather cowboy hats that we produce is treated with a fine premium finish. It's water resistant and keeps you feeling luxurious.

When talking about the best American hat company, cowboy hats may not be the first thing you think of. But through 50 years of expressing art onto heads we’ve discovered that no matter what you do, there’s always something to do better. We want to share this pride with everyone so if we have to make an oversized cowboy hat to do that then we will, because no head should feel left out from wearing an American Hat Makers cowboy hat. A hat that you can pass down for generations, each lifetime bringing it’s own history and story to an iconic hat.

The Best Cowboy Hats and Cowgirl Hats

Need a mens flat brim cowboy hat well we got plenty. Most of our hats are built with a shapeable sturdy brim, so if you want to express your own style then you can. Even our flat cowboy hat has an attitude to its style. Our cowboy hats, Austin is a good example, are a staple of freedom perfect for working on the ranch or going out for a night with the boys. The cowboy hat Austin is a perfect representation of a cattleman cowboy hat. Lightweight and breathable made for a hot and dry day out on the ranch.

Western hats and a Western Hat Company

Soon we’ll even have a Dallas cowboys hat to cement our place as the biggest cowboy hat manufacturer. We are the greatest American hat company, and Southern enthusiasts. With rattlesnake cowboy hat bands and a rattlesnake cowboy hat that represent the bite and rugged nature of the South. They look just as badass on a cowgirl hat as they do on any cowboyhat. Cowboyhats in general are a speciality of ours no different than a western hat. They include all of the same specialities that our regular cowboy hats have.

Other Things You Should Check Out

Need a flat cowboy hat check out our Silverado, it may say pork pie but a cowboy hat is about whether a cowboy is under it or not. Make sure to check out the leather care kit and other hat accessories for your female and male cowboy hats. One of my personal favorites is the Cyclone hat, this hat is the ultimate culmination of quality and artisan work. Featuring multiple different absolutely stunning styles this hat looks great with anything while still representing that rugged American look.

We don’t carry any Stetson cowboy hats. We harbor a collection of professionally made hats that compare to and even exceed a Stetson hat. Unless of course you’re talking about the original term for a cowboy hat then yes we have plenty of stetsons. Whether you need a dress hat or a high grade leather conditioner. We as the leading American hat company of America want the honor of providing the very best of what you need. Every one of our hats is a stockman cowboy hat. Meaning all of our hats are rugged and ready to be worked with, get dirty, or just keep the sweat off your brow. What is a cowboy with hat to a cowboy without one? I'll let you answer that question.

Bull rider cowboy hat styles have long been a question that we’ve tried to answer. Is it more of a fedora cowboy hat, or maybe like a telescope cowboy hat, but bull wrangler cowboy hats aren't defined by us. It’s defined by you, the wild west wrangler of beasts. We want you to conquer your style just as much as any bull. Find the best rodeo cowboy hat shapes here at American Hat Makers, one of the best cowboy hat brands out there. From open crown cowboy hats to the gucci cowboy hat that Gucci would envy. To a Stetson hat that Stetson cowboy hats envy the quality and design of.

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