Buy A Men’s Voodoo Top Hat and Add Mojo Magic to Your Look 

Shop our men’s voodoo hatter top hats and heat up your look. This incredibly artful collection of spooky hats offers the dignified style of a top hat with an alluring, magical twist on its beloved, classic style. We have a wide variety of choices, from tall top hats to short top hats, we got everything in between. The famous Abraham Lincoln top hat would be jealous of the top hats we produce today. Many have compared these hats to the epic Slash top hat.  In short, these hats are sure to mezmerize and hypnotize your audience.

Voodoo has a long and complicated history. Its motifs are beloved by many, but few have the courage or capability to pull off the look. A voodoo skull with a top hat is a bold addition to your look. It’s one that you can hold on to for years to come, with the masterful craftsmanship and attention to detail that American Hat Makers has come to be known for. 

Men's top hats are often considered a sign of wealth, confidence, and achievement. Voodoo top hats are an ode to the history of voodoo, to the days when voodoo kings and queens ruled the streets of New Orleans. These toppers are truly fit for fashion royalty with burnished copper details shining brightly against rich, natural brown and black leather. All of the hats in this collection feature natural base colors, a nod to the voodoo tradition’s rich connection with the Earth. So get yourself a mystical brown top hat or a tall and proud top hat chimney sweep style of hat.

Top hats are a statement by themselves, but a voodoo top hat is truly impossible to miss. A “memento mori” is a reminder of death, and few aesthetics capture this quite like voodoo does. Our collection is full of memento mori, from skull top hats to hat bands featuring bones and flames. 

The versatility of these leather hats comes from their refined shape and stark simplicity. Men's black hats easily accompany any ensemble, and the voodoo top hats in this collection are no different. The clean lines of a top hat can make it look right at home at every event, while the voodoo details will spotlight your personality and style. They’re like a steampunk top hat but raw and dark, and without any brass. 

For those who want to show an even more offbeat style, we’ve added some of our men's pork pie hats to this collection. These are shorter, with wide brims, giving you a few more silhouette options with the same edgy characteristics. We also have a top hat chimney style that features a high crown and godly VIctorian top hat design. Maybe you just want a tiny top hat, but regardless of your final selection, you can be confident that each of these hats is a unique work of art, handmade to last a lifetime. 


Handcrafted, High-Quality Voodoo Top Hats 

American Hat Makers puts heart and soul into every hat we make. Our hats are made from high-quality, all-natural leather, sourced from right here in the US. And we proudly make these dark and daring voodoo top hats in sunny Santa Cruz, California. 

Our Men's leather hats are designed to be legacy pieces, passed down through generations. That’s why we don’t stop at high-quality materials. After more than 40 years of proudly upholding tradition, we’ve learned a thing or two about making a stylish hat with long-lasting character. We stitch, shape, and finish each one by hand to ensure that only the best pieces of art leave our workshop. We’re masters of voodoo styles, and we can easily accommodate men's hats for big heads, ensuring that any man can confidently wear a voodoo top hat that feels like it was made just for him. 

During the peak of voodoo in the 1920s, hats were worn for function. Now, they’re worn for self-expression. We continue to make high-quality hats because we believe that how you present yourself to those around you is crucial. Wearing a voodoo top hat can be a proud statement of who you are, and we’re here to help you show that to the world.