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Check out ten celebrities wearing Bowler hats/ Top hats

The association of hats with fashion has always been an intimate kind. People wore it and continue to wear one to express their individuality and taste. And since it can blend with any style effortlessly, choosing one from unique designs can be more fun. But how do you decide what you should pick for yourself? If you have a hat fetish, you must most likely follow the popular American culture to get the hang of the latest trends to sport a particular choice with your personal touch. To make your job a little easier, we have brought together the top ten fashion stars in a bowler hat or topper with their unique flair, serving as an inspiration to anyone interested in making headwear a part of their outfit.

  1. Taylor Swift

The famous American songwriter and singer never fails to amaze her audience with breezy getups. If you want to show off your casual yet effortless side with a bowler hat, you can surely take a cue from her. See how she paired her casual black and white look with an ebony bowler hat.

Taylor swift

  Source: instyle.com               
  1. Jessica Chastain

The American actress is well-known for her feminine signature fashion sense. Whenever she is out in public, it is hard not to notice her star elegance. The way she dresses up seems to be on point at all times. Hence, it is easy to assume how the gorgeous actor must have looked when she wore a felt top hat with a casual tee and pants with an add-on of a statement necklace. Here is a glimpse:


Source: instyle.com
  1. Beyonce Knowles

The famous singer and actress is a true fashion icon, as she can pull off any street-style to elegant outfit with equal oomph and grace. If you don't believe it, explore her graphic tee, and skinny jeans look completed with a bowler hat.

Beyonce Knowles

Source: instyle.com
  1. Olivia Palermo

Everyone knows about her inclusive fashion taste and how she encourages people to look their best. Hence, it is quite fathomable how easily she must have flaunted her bowler hat. She wore it with an eclectic ensemble of a light blue pleated skirt, looking every bit dazzling.

Olivia Palermo

Source: stylebistro.com
  1. Jessica Szohr

Do you recognize the "Gossip Girl" star? Her choice of clothing also resonates with every fashion-conscious individual. And if you want to combine the vintage charm of the bowler hat with modern attire, you can for sure take a clue or two from her outings. Here is her niche appearance:

Jessica Szohr

Source: stylebistro.com
  1. Gillian Zinser

Best known for essaying Ivy Sullivan's role in a teen drama series, the actor looks quite free-spirited and cute in every style. If you need party inspiration, you can follow her cloth choice for the 8th annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party. She wore a bright sequin top with a beautiful bowler hat. You can glance at it here:

Gillian Zinser

Source: stylebistro.com
  1. Eva Longoria

The confidence of the actress shows in her sartorial selection. The way she walks can immediately grab eyeballs. Her choice of outfits has never been any less than impactful, no matter what she wears. You can trust her fashion taste to do justice to any style, whether casual, formal, or party. If you want to learn how to dress comfy, then you should check her airport looks. Once, she donned a top hat with print pants and white jackets, looking purely stunning. You can look at this photo to draw some hints:

Eva Longoria

Source: instyle.com

  1. Christina Milian

Bowler hats and toppers can be fit for any occasion and any place. It gets firmly established every time you watch your favorite celebrities wearing one in different ways for different reasons. For example, you may wonder how you can make these hats a part of your shopping look. In that case, you can learn a trick or two fromChristina Milian’s bowler hat appearance. She once stepped out for shopping in Beverly Hills in a pair of distressed denim cutoff shorts with a woolen-style bowler hat, raising her cool factor.

Christina Milian

Source: stylebistro.com
  1. Jennifer Lawrence

Once the highest-paid actress in 2015 and 2016 in the world, Jennifer can inspire anyone easily with her manners and fashion statements. She is well-known for her aesthetic looks and chic styles. You will not disagree when you check her in dark-colored skinny jeans, a black tank top, and a brown bowler hat. She rounded off the style with a gray cardigan.

Jennifer Lawrence

Source: pinterest.com
  1. Janelle Monae

The singer and actress has been in Grammy nominations. You can follow her bowler hat style to create a fancy look for yourself. She paired it with a monochrome outfit and red lipstick. The choice of lip shade added an extra dose of oomph to her overall appearance.

Janelle Monae

Source: stylebistro.com

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