Straw Sun Hat by American Hat Makers


Straw Sun Hats That Make Your Vacation Beachwear Jealous

Match Your Stylish Headwear to Your Favorite Beach Activity 

Summer is here and it’s time to think about what you’re going to pack for a day, week or even a few months at the beach. With the possibility of engaging in a variety of sunny activities it’s pertinent to have a hat that will not only shade your neck and face, but looks absolutely stunning with your get-up. Luckily for you, American Hat Makers has partnered with California Hat Co. to offer a wider selection of straw sun hats so that you can pick and choose which style will make your vacation beachwear jealous. 

Top off your look with the perfect straw sun hat pre, during, or post your favorite beach activity. Whether you are sunbathing on a blanket, retreating from the ocean’s surf, or rallying for a mid-afternoon stroll down the boardwalk on rollerblades, a straw hat will offer you noticeable comfort and class. To highlight some options that compliment your summer lifestyle, we’ve put together a quick list of our favorites. Keep scrolling and enjoy! 

Trending and Fashionable Straw Sun Hats For Women

Going for a sassy, chic, and sexy? These straw sun hats beckon the sun to come out so you can go play with an extra layer of mood boosting confidence. 

The Villager Seagrass Straw Hat - Wear it for an afternoon at the docks or playing golf with your combrads and be delighted with how light, comfortable, and sleek it truly feels. The casual loose weave is made from 100% seagrass and the braided leather hatband adds an element of prestige to assure your look is on par this summer.

The Scala New Port Straw Hat - The wider the brim the better when it comes to incorporating ultimate sun protection with bedazzling style. The Scala New Port Straw Hat in beige or black offers UPF50+ with its 5” brim so you can lounge poolside or oceanside comfortably and worry free.

The California Hat Co. Panama White Fedora - As classic as they come with its hand-woven brisa weave and black grosgrain hatband. The 3½” brim, teardrop shaped crown, and 100% genuine Panama toquilla straw construction showcase a timeless style that has been keeping heads cool for over 100 years. Wear it and you’ll know the depth of its historic sophistication.

Need a hat that can keep up with you while you’re on the move? Fall in love with the optional chinstrap with these luxurious hats so you can skate, bike, hike, or lounge in pure style.

The Roxy Straw Hat - As a classic Panama style hat that provides ultimate comfort and lightweight construction, this hat belongs at the cabana, on the boardwalk, or amongst the green fairways. The 3 1/2" wide brim, available in a variety of colors, and the mesh straw 4" breathable crown makes it a must-have for the hottest of hot days. Wear it while doing something active and the chin strap be sure to keep it in place.

The Milan Straw Fedora - Add an easy, breezy, and effortlessly cool look to your favorite summer apparel with a shape that resembles the classic Panama toquilla. Light-colored, lightweight, and breathable, this beauty will inspire you to play outside as it protects you from nature’s most harsh elements in style.

Men’s Straw Sun Hats That Will Declare Him as a Trendsetter

Handsome will become an understatement while wearing one of these showstoppers to a beach party. Get down on the dance floor with conviction while sporting one of these straw sun hats. 

The Genuine Ecuador Panama Hats - As an iconic style that was made to endure the heat, the Genuine Ecuador Panama Hats offer comfort, class, and the cooling effects of toquilla straw. Offered in a brisa or llano weave, these lightweight, durable, and smooth looking hats will fearlessly accompany you on the dance floor or to a Mardi Gras party in style.

The Ringleader Straw Top Hat - Become the master of your warm weather universe with the Ringleader Straw Top Hat made from durable, lightweight, and quality straw. The rustic yet sleek design will capture attention and respect no matter where you are and who you’re with. Wear it with confidence for an unlawful amount of style points.

The Monaco - A classic low crown top hat with a tribal flare for fashion. The colorful laser engraved and airbrushed hatband with feather accents offers a fresh, fun, and fabulous appeal. While the natural lightweight straw construction makes it the perfect accessory for any and all events that will bring the heat.

Keep it classy with these stylish sun hats so you both feel and look 100% cool while chilling poolside or cruising the golf course.  

The Madrid Straw Pork Pie Sun Hat - For fashionable protection against the sun’s sweet rays, the Madrid Straw Pork Pie Sun Hat is a must have. The 3" wide brim, breathable 4" crown, and chin strap will keep you looking classy and feeling cool on the warmest of days. Although the shape strays slightly from a typical pork pie hat, its flat domed crown with a crease running along the inside top edge will help admirers distinguish its intended style.

The California Hat Co. Panama Flip Fedora - Brim down or brim up, in this case let’s keep it up! The California Hat Co. Panama Flip Fedora offers a bit of edge with its indented crown and up turned 3½” brim. Well suited for those that like to be a little different and worn by photographers, musicians, and artists so they can see better while working within their craft. Wear it at a slight tilt for a chic and carefree look or pair it with just about anything that makes you feel good this summer. It’s versatile, yet characteristically charismatic appearance will suit you well!

Enjoy Your Summer to the Fullest While Wearing an American Made Sun Hat

American Hat Makers specializes in making quality handmade hats that not only protect you against the sun, but showcase your true character in style. In our opinion, hats are more than your average accessory. They represent a piece of history and have the ability to make you feel sexier, smarter, happier, and even healthier in the moments that matter. Enjoy summer with the perfect sun hat as you engage in all the activities that call your name throughout the days, weeks, and energy filled months. Your vacation beachwear will surely be jealous of the attention your head gets!