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Ahoy, fashion enthusiasts! Set sail with our pirate hats and caps. Each handcrafted pirate hat ensures every day feels like a swashbuckling escapade.

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The American Hat Makers Difference

If you're seeking the ideal pirate hat to crown your adventurous ensemble, American Hat Makers is your treasure trove. As esteemed creators of legendary headwear, our pirate hats set the gold standard in design and craftsmanship.

At American Hat Makers, we masterfully craft hats that evoke tales of the high seas and swashbuckling legends. From authentic pirate tricorn hats to the elegant women's pirate hat adorned with feathers, our collection boasts a captivating range. Dive into our treasure chest, and you'll find that we are the sole brand offering such an extensive array of pirate-inspired styles, making us the ultimate destination for those with a pirate's heart.

Our collection spans an array of styles and sizes, ensuring every buccaneer and sea siren finds their perfect fit. Whether you're searching for a pirate cap for a themed party or a more traditional pirate headgear to complete your look, your quest ends with American Hat Makers.

Every pirate hat we craft utilizes only the finest materials, ensuring a legacy of durability and style. With a pirate hat from American Hat Makers, you don't just wear an accessory—you don an emblem of timeless adventure and elegance.


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Find the Perfect Pirate Hat

Shop the Best Pirate Hats for Sale Online

With so many different pirate hat styles and brands available, it can be difficult to find the right pirate hat online. You might risk buying a pirate hat that doesn't quite suit your style or that doesn't get much wear.

At American Hat Makers, we simplify the process of finding the perfect pirate hats and pirate caps for you. Among our extensive selection of pirate hats, we offer some of the industry's best and our friendly staff is always ready to help you find the right one.

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Embark on Adventure

Every Epic Tale Begins with a Hat

Step into the world of swashbuckling style with our pirate hats collection. Whether you're seeking authentic pirate headgear or a stylish pirate hat for women, we've got you covered. These hats aren't mere accessories, but symbols of daring and adventure.

Every pirate tricorn hat in our collection embodies the spirit of the seas. Made with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, they're perfect for everyday wear or themed events. Dive into our treasure trove and find the pirate cap that resonates with your inner adventurer.

Sea of Style

Navigate the Fashion Seas with Confidence

Our pirate hats are where traditional craftsmanship meets iconic design. Every pirate's hat in the collection tells a story of high seas and legendary tales. Designed for the modern buccaneer, these hats seamlessly blend function and flair.

From an authentic pirate hat with intricate detailing to a pirate hat with feathers that sway with the wind, there's something for everyone. For the daring ladies out there, our women's pirate hats are the epitome of elegance and boldness. Choose your hat and embark on your next adventure in style.

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Crafted for the Courageous

Unveil the Captain Within

Pirate hats from American Hat Makers aren't just accessories; they're an experience. Dive into the authentic world of pirates hats, designed for those with a penchant for the extraordinary. Our pirate caps and tricorn hats transport you to an era of epic sea voyages and hidden treasures.

Crafted with precision, each adult pirate hat promises durability and comfort. From the embellished pirate hat feather to the intricacies in design, every detail speaks volumes. Set your course and steer your fashion journey with our iconic pirate headgear.

The Spirit of Adventure

From the Helm to the Party Deck

There's something undeniably captivating about pirate hats. With every pirates cap from our collection, immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and flair. Our range boasts of everything from a stylish women's pirate hat to an authentic pirate tricorn hat.

Crafted for the bold, the brave, and the beautiful, these hats are the perfect companions for your adventurous escapades. With American Hat Makers, every hat is more than just headgear—it's a piece of history. Let your pirate hat be the crowning glory of your ensemble.

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Legendary Elegance

Embrace the Bold and the Beautiful

When it comes to making a statement, nothing does it better than our pirate hats. Perfect for themed events, parties, or simply making a bold style statement, these hats are a must-have. Dive deep into our collection, from the classy ladies pirate hat to the dramatic pirate hat with feathers.

Each piece, whether it's a lady pirate hat or an adult variant, radiates a unique charm. Crafted with love by American Hat Makers, these hats guarantee to turn heads. Embrace the mystique of the seas and let your hat narrate your tale.

Sail the Fashion Horizon

Icons of Adventure and Elegance

A pirate's hat is not just a part of an ensemble; it's the heart of it. Our collection, rich in variety and style, promises to cater to every pirate's fashion needs. Whether you're searching for an adult pirate hat for a themed event or a women's pirate hat for that edgy look, our range has it all.

Handcrafted with precision, every hat is a testament to our commitment to quality. From pirate tricorn hats to those adorned with feathers, discover a world of style and storytelling. With American Hat Makers, set sail on a journey of timeless fashion.

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Pirate Hat FAQs

A common type of pirate hat is called a "tricorn," which has three points. Another name for it is the "pirate tricorn hat." Over time, many variations of pirate hats have been adopted, but the tricorn remains one of the most iconic.

Pirates wore a variety of hats depending on their rank, origin, and personal style. This includes the famous pirate tricorn hat, wide-brimmed hats with a pirate hat feather, and simpler pirate caps for everyday wear. There were also more elaborate authentic pirate hats worn by captains or higher-ranking members. For the women who sailed the seas, womens pirate hats or ladies pirate hats were styled differently, sometimes adorned with feathers and lace.

Yes, pirates did wear tricorn hats. The pirate tricorn hat was a popular piece of pirate headgear during the Golden Age of Piracy. It was both fashionable and functional, providing shade from the sun and rain.

Jack Sparrow, the fictional character from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series, wears what is commonly referred to as a tricorn. However, his version is more worn out, making it look unique. This specific style, adorned with trinkets and sometimes a pirate hat feather, has become iconic and is sometimes referred to as a pirate cap or adult pirate hat based on its distinct appearance.

A swashbuckler hat typically refers to the broad-brimmed, feathered hats that are turned up on three sides, forming a tricorn. This lady pirate hats style, along with the traditional tricorn, is a staple in swashbuckling cinema and literature. It's not uncommon to see them referred to simply as pirate hats or pirate hat womens for versions tailored for female swashbucklers.