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Navigate the roads in style with our collection of driving caps and hats. Each driving cap and drivers hat is meticulously crafted for fashion and function.

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The American Hat Makers Difference

Looking for the ultimate driving cap? Your search ends at American Hat Makers, where quality is our calling card. Our handpicked assortment showcases driving caps made from top-grade materials like luxurious leather and sophisticated fabric. With a range of styles, sizes, and hues to choose from, each cap is a tribute to our skilled artisans. Whether you're out for a Sunday drive or attending a classy affair, our driving caps provide the perfect balance of style and substance, ensuring you find the right fit for every journey. Experience the comfort and elegance that come with wearing one of our driving caps.


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Picking the perfect driving cap from a multitude of options can feel like navigating through a crowded freeway. With various styles and designs available, it's easy to end up with a cap that doesn't quite meet your needs or remains in the backseat.

At American Hat Makers, we've simplified the road to finding your ideal driving cap. Our selection showcases exceptional craftsmanship, and our dedicated team is always ready to steer you towards a cap that truly suits you.

Woman sitting on bench wearing the Bookie womens cap by American Hat Makers
A woman inside a car holding a flower wearing a brown leather cap

Chic Journeys

Classic Elegance for Every Mile

Elevate every drive with our expertly crafted driving caps. Designed with the modern woman in mind, these driving hats are more than just an accessory—they're a statement.

Offering a chic, streamlined silhouette, our collection meets the needs of fashion-forward drivers. Looking to turn heads during your commute or Sunday drives? Look no further. From the wool blends to the snug fit, every feature has been carefully curated to make you feel like the queen of the road.

Drive Boldly

Engineered for the Open Road

A well-crafted driving cap is the epitome of masculine charm and practicality. If you're the kind of man who appreciates the open road and the wind against your skin, these are the caps you've been searching for.

Built with durability and comfort in mind, these caps stand up to even the most adventurous of road trips. Choose from a wide array of materials and designs to find the one that speaks to your individual style.

A man wearing a brown sweatshirt and the Mike Navy Cap