Straw Sun Hats in all Your Favorite Styles

Their breezy comfort, classic silhouettes, and exceptional versatility make straw hats for women a warm weather essential. From floppy beach hats to picturesque Panama styles, you’ll be an instant icon. Straw hats breathe a breath of fresh air into any outfit. They are feather light, flexible, and extremely durable - easily taking you from a hard day in the field to a casual morning at the farmer’s market or a relaxing vacation abroad. 

The most classic straw hat styles in our collection are an off-white or tan color - with natural variations in the fibers that create a beautiful heathering look. But we’ve also made dyed versions to bring you cobalt blue and coral hats, as well as hats with a natural-colored crown and contrasting brim. 

We have been crafting ultra-fine straw sun hats for women for more than 40 years. And our expert craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and refined detailing produce unparalleled straw hats for women in every style. Slip on our straw boater hats for women with flat crowns and wide, straight brims to add a bit of Venice-chic to your style. Or select our beautifully-sculpted women’s straw beach hats with a floppy brim as the star of your next seaside getaway. When it comes to more structured hats with pinched crowns and shaped brims, we have women’s straw cowboy hats that are the perfect festival hat, and classic straw fedora hats in women’s styles that will go perfectly with a casual summer ensemble.

All-Natural, All-American, Luxury Straw Hats 

Straw hats have been worn since the Middle Ages, and we’ve built upon the traditions of our forefathers to propel the fine craft of straw hat making into the future. When we refer to “straw” we are not talking about one specific material, but a range of flexible and durable natural plant fibers, stalks, and leaves. 

Due to the range of material quality available - and the varying skill levels of the people making them - many straw hats for women can have great discrepancies in quality. Many straw hats on the market today are not made from plants at all, but from shellacked rice paper called “Toyo straw.” This synthetic straw is cheap to produce, but also responds poorly to moisture and sweat, making it a fast-fashion knockoff next to the legacy pieces crafted by our company. 

We value impeccable craftsmanship and thoughtful details, like ventilation holes in the crown, sharp creases, sewn-in sweat bands, and beautiful hat bands. We use 100% natural materials from golden wheat straw to slim seagrass to the revered toquilla palm in order to create long-lasting investment pieces. We carefully select the highest-quality fibers. We cut and strip each piece to the desired size before cleaning it thoroughly with hot water or bleach to yield a uniform color. After cleaning, the fibers are spread out in the sun to dry, then sorted by size and quality - and bundled up for weaving. 

All our straw hats for women are completely women, trimmed, and molded by hand. The weaving techniques we employ take many years to master, and the process itself takes many days of dedicated work. We want to ensure the tightest, most even weave possible on your luxury straw accessories. Our straw hats for women are structural marvels of incomparable light weight, flexibility, and rigidity.

We pour every ounce of effort into ensuring our high-end straw hats for women are effortless to wear. Once we’ve finished weaving your iconic straw hat, we trim the brim to the perfect size and hand-stitch wire into it to ensure it keeps its beautiful silhouette for years to come. Then we precisely measure the sweatband and sew it into the crown to ensure the proper fit for keeping sweat out of your eyes. For some of our styles, we add a chinstrap to keep your hat safe on windy days and wild adventures. For the last step, we thoughtfully select the hat bands and trimmings that give your American Hat Makers straw hat even more character. 

So slide one of our premium-quality straw hats for women on your head and enjoy the cool confidence that only an American Hat Makers piece can bring.