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Exemplary American-Made Hats Worthy of The Red Carpet

Extraordinary Handmade Hats To Wear On & Off The Red Carpet  

A scarlet-hued path known as the red carpet has been synonymous with Hollywood since the premiere of Robin Hood in 1922 at the Egyptian Theatre and its introduction to the Academy Awards in 1961. For decades it has been a focal point of the Oscars whereby status, style, and opulence are apparent as celebrities make their grand entrance. With a sea of photographers anxiously ready to document the year’s biggest names, major trends, and most profound statements, the red carpet is and will always be primed by fashion. It calls for the world’s most sought after stylists to create an aesthetic that represents the fashion icon wearing the attire and influences the era’s newest sought after looks. While most people picture glamorous gowns and dapper suits, we see extraordinary and exemplary handmade hats worthy of a media frenzy. 

Whether you are attending a high-profile event, such as the Grammys, or you’re gearing up for a festivity that requires you look your best, the following American-made hats will make an impressionable statement worthy of the press. Designed with intention and crafted with precision these accessories pair eloquently with glitz, glamour, or masculine style on and off the red carpet.

Women’s Hat Styles for the Grammys

Hats were considered a must-have accessory on the Grammy red carpets in 2019. Jennifer Lopez sported a wide-brim hat with a crystal band, Alicia keys wore a black fedora with a wavy brim and thick ruched leather band, and country music singer Karen Fairchild dressed up her sheer floor-length dress with an OTT wide-brimmed hat. Each look was sophisticated, sexy, and grabbed the attention of audiences around the globe. 

We are eagerly waiting for next month’s 2021 Grammy awards, as we envision any one of the following women’s hats styles proudly being worn by an artist, performer, or celebrity. 

The Black Raven - Women’s Top Hat 

This majestic bejeweled black beauty was made to draw attention! The Black Raven Top Hat carries enough personality that you could pair it with a stylized black satin dress or continue the fine netting, ostrich feathers, and jewels within a bodysuit for an incredibly unique aesthetic. The handmade prestige gives those that wear it an elevated stature because it truly belongs on the red carpet. 

The Frenchy - Women’s Top Hat

The Frenchy is a one-of-a-kind poly satin top hat that has an elegant French lace Hatband with spun gold roses framed with Swarovski crystals. The back features a gold double satin ribbon tied in a bow that would look stunning with a backless gold satin gown. 

Posh - Women’s Top Hat

There are certain artists that could easily pull off the Posh with elegance and style, Lady Gaga is definitely one of them. With an iconic semi-tricorn brim, large ostrich plume, and contoured shape this hat showcases character, thus it must be worn by someone up to the occasion. We would love to see a unique, creative, and alluring outfit made to capture the essence of this hat. 

Women’s Sierra Cowboy Hat

Not every hat has to be accented with lace or diamonds to be worthy of a high-end event, and the Sierra Cowboy Hat proves that. This stylized beauty comes with a mesh crown, braided cord band, and in several colors. We can 100% see the black and teal leather version making an appearance at the Grammys worn by Sara Evans or Shania Twain with a short teal cocktail dress and pair of black leather cowboy boots. It provokes a Cowgirl Up kind of attitude. 

Men’s Hats that Will Inspire a Premiere

Not every man can pull off a turquoise hat featuring a motorized crystal curtain like Broadway legend and Pose star Billy Porter did at the 2020 Grammy Awards, nor do they need to. Several styles of mens hats can accentuate a particular look in a dapper, classic, and manly way. For instance, American DJ Diplo has made an appearance in a classic black cowboy hat, singer-songwriter Ne-Yo in a black fedora with a feather tipped to the side, and R&B artist Aloe Blacc in a bowler hat. There is definitely going to be times that a three piece suit and a pair of shiny shoes is all you need, however there will also be occasions when a stylish hat accentuates and completes your targeted look. 

Gottschall - Men’s Fedora

The Gottschall Fedora by American Hat Makers and Bollman Hat Company is a limited edition, small-batch, luxurious velvet-like fedora featuring a sophisticated center dent crown and 3” wide brim. As a combination of elegant Victorian prestige and the rustic draw of the Wild West, it’s an excellent yet daring choice to pair with a three piece suit. In addition, the velvet ribbon trimmed band that is laser etched with a floral motif and metal cross piece add a little more class that we’re sure will wow the crowds. 

Storm Men’s Cowboy Hat, Rattlesnake Skin Band

Make a real statement with alligator lizard skin, a winged liberty dime front piece, and genuine rattlesnake vertebrae. This cowboy hat was made to be seen and what better place than the red carpet. If Western style is your thing and you’re looking for that perfect accessory to go with your tailored suit, this hat is for you.

Holiday Felt Men’s Cowboy Hat

Sometimes the best hat option to wear is an understated black hat like the Holiday Felt Cowboy Hat. This classic felt western style is flanked with a feather and ready to pair with a bronzed bolo tie, fitted jacket, and sexy pair of pants. Imagine Luke Bryan or Tim McGraw tipping this brim as the paparazzi get their fill. 

El Dorado Men’s Top Hat - Red Eye Skull Band

Made for the badass that owns the stage and dominates the red carpet, like Slash from Guns N’ Roses. The El Dorado black leather top hat is a must have for high-end events worthy of the triple skull icon adorned with replica red rubies and a metal chain. This Voodoo Hatter demands attention as it turns the bad boys into men. 

American-Made Hats that Make Stylists Rave  

Attire that is aesthetically successful in an elegant, beautiful, and flattering way will always be a part of red carpet events. However, it’s the outfits that generate a social media frenzy for either political or cultural reasons that will go down in history. With a combination of style and substance hats have the ability to do precisely that as they spice up a look and fine tune an image in a variety of ways. American Hat Makers understand the importance of superior quality and they create stunning, exemplary fashion accessories worthy of the red carpet that have stylists raving.