What American Hat Makers Can Do For Men Like You

At American Hat Makers, we have a great selection of hats for people with big heads. We proudly make our oversized hats for big heads here in the USA. Each item in our collection of big hats for men with big heads is as unique as a fingerprint.

We don’t settle for a “One Size Fits All” solution. A single-size solution fits very few people and makes good hats for big heads forgotten. That’s why our talented artisans carefully handcraft our best hats for people with big heads to meet their unique demands. Whichever style you choose, we ensure our collection of the best hats for men with big heads fits you perfectly.

Do you also wish you could change your look at the drop of a hat? We also have adjustable hat bands that fit even our extra-large hats for big heads. They are a perfect style changer that gives your hat a tailor-made feel in an instant.


How Our Men’s Top Hats Are Unique

Are you looking for the ultimate men’s fashion hat? Then step right up and take a look at our men’s top hats. Our wide selection of styles brings bold energy to any man’s off-beat, trailblazing style. We have many hats for guys with big heads that possess these three details:
● Contrasting colors
● Hand-tooling
● Stitching


These aspects together will help you convey the message you want. From festive gentlemen to rising young artists, these large hats for big heads are great ways to make a statement.


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What Makes Our Men’s Sun Hats One Of The Best

Our sun hats offer durability and second-to-none style that makes them the best hats for big heads. They contain removable sweatbands that keep beads of sweat off your brow. These hats also have ventilation points that let any cool breeze through the crown of the mesh or straw hat.

Whether you’re hard at work or just under the sun, our sun hats for men will help you stay cool. Qualities like these make our sun hats one of the best large hats for big heads. From sourcing fine lightweight material to planning out the seams and stitching the crowns, we work to ensure they fit you perfectly. Not only that, but we also work to ensure they complement your everyday style.

Here at American Hat Makers, we have the best big hats for big heads that bring you comfort and confidence. Regardless of your choice of sun hat, your piece can take you effortlessly on any adventure with maximum peace of mind.


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How Our Men’s Leather Hats Are Of The Best Quality

Make a statement with a premium leather hat from American Hat Makers. From refined to rugged leather cowboy hats, we have something that will fit your natural style. As the premier leather hat artisans in America, you can count on us to craft pieces with matchless quality.

We use the best top-grain leather that brings rugged charm to your head while staying soft to the touch. Leather material is a strong hat material that provides you with the best support through your adventures.

Our top-quality leather is naturally UPF +50 and is easy to waterproof. Thanks to leather's natural elasticity, your hat will form to the exact shape of your head and retain it. 


Each hat in our collection offers you three things:
● Breathable elements
● Great insulation
● Higher aesthetics
● Maximum comfort levels
● Perfect fit


We even offer big hats for big heads to help meet your exact style and comfort while enjoying their leather qualities. These features provide you with the perfect mix of form and function.

Before our leather hats make their way to you, we carefully condition and shape each of them. We also add tags and padded removable sweat liners while topping them off with deluxe additions. They can include anything from ostrich plumes to sturdy steel chains. These finishing touches add artistry and personality to cap off your stunning leather legacy piece.


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