Stylish Straw Hats for Men

Our collection of straw hats for men will take you from a long day’s work to a breezy vacation and everywhere in between. With carefully-sourced, all-natural materials and an unparalleled attention to detail in the craftsmanship, these versatile men’s hat styles will look as good on as they feel.

A rugged classic, our mens straw cowboy hats in a rigid yet lightweight design offer an all-season hat that keeps you cool with multiple ventilation points and a removable sweat band. Meanwhile, our men’s straw boater hats with relaxed brims and our men’s straw fedora hats with wide, flat brims keep the sun out of your eyes without compromising comfort or style. They’ll look just as great on the golf course as a weekend boating trip, with details like contrasting hat bands, brim trim, pronounced crown pinches, and even a feather or two tucked into the hand band for an eclectic finish.

When it comes to color options, we like to honor the beautiful colors and variations in the 100% natural fibers from which we construct our straw hats for men. After hand-selecting the seagrass, toquilla palm, and golden wheat that will be used in your hat, we then cut, strip, and clean each bundle to ensure the most uniform color. We’ll bleach the fibers for our off-white and cream designs, applying a natural colored dye to produce an iconic beige or light brown sun hat.

Straw Hats for Men Made to Last a Lifetime

The team at American Hat Makers has been crafting premium men’s sun hats, men’s outdoor hats, and the mens straw fedora for over 40 years. Many modern straw hats aren’t made from true straw. They’re made from a shellacked rice paper called “Toyo straw.” And since it’s paper, Toyo straw doesn’t hold up against the weather, like a true outdoor hat should. That’s why we dedicate ample time to the sourcing process. As we mentioned, our men’s straw hats contain a 100% natural mix of the hardiest stalks, stems, and leaves. And it’s not just because we love natural coloring and textures. Palm trees hold up to a hurricane, and wheat stalks certainly don’t dissolve with every drizzle. These are the fibers we trust in our straw hats for men. That’s why your hat has you covered in rain, wind, and sun, just like it’s supposed to.

And, once those quality fibers have been sculpted into our men’s straw cowboy hats or other popular straw silhouettes, we add additional treatment or laminate to improve the water resistance and ensure true sun protection in up to SPF 50.

Caring for Your Men’s Wide Brim Straw Hat

We truly believe that your hat should be yours for as long as you want to use it, and then passed down to future generations for even more adventures. We’ve carefully curated the premium materials and taken the long road to be masters of our craft. But proper care and storage will ensure that craftsmanship is visible for longer.

You can use a damp cloth to gently wipe away any dust or soils from the crown or brim of your men’s straw hat. Follow the weave of the straw or palm and clean in a circular shape around both the crown and brim. Let it thoroughly air dry before storing it on a hat hook or in a hat box between adventures. Need some backup when it comes to keeping your legacy piece looking as good as the day you bought it? Just select the “Lifetime Refurbishments” option at checkout. For just $10.77, you can send your men’s straw hat back to us for repairs. From misshapen brims to persistent stains, we’ll help restore your hat to its former glory.

Our promise is to provide men with hats that meet at the intersection of lasting durability and timeless style. American Hat Makers straw hats for men are true investment pieces, made to last much more than a season. What’s more, we proudly offer sizes that span from small hats to large hats for men with big heads, to ensure that every man can find a fit that feels like it was made for him.