Men’s Sun Protection Hats

Stay Cool, Covered and Confident with Our Men’s Sun Protection Hats

Combine function and fashion with our phenomenal collection of men’s sun protection hats. This collection of summer hats has you covered, whether you’re exploring the savannah on a bucket-list safari, or need one of the best golf hats for sun protection, or at home working on your next landscaping project.

Protecting your skin is a must for any outdoorsman and sun protection hats are just the way to do it. The best sun protection hats combine three things: durability, breathability, and protection from the elements. Our men's outdoor hats have all three and more. We deliver durability with quality materials, tight stitching, and handmade construction. The superior breathability of our sun protection hats comes from featherlight construction, a comfortable sweat band, and thoughtful ventilation points throughout the crown. And last, but certainly not least, our collection features swooping brims to keep the sun off your face and coated fabrics with SPF and water resistance built in.

You’ll find a wide selection of men's wide brim hats in our collection of sun protection hats, but this spectacular selection also has men's caps that you can feel good about wearing in sun and shade. A beach hat with the best qualities has structure, oval crowns, giving a suave sense of style. The brims are also carefully sculpted to bring a tousled, easy sense of charm, whether your hat is new out of the box or a trusted, old friend. 

Finally, we add just the right details. It wouldn’t be the best men’s hat for sun protection if you didn’t have options. You can find wide brim hat style that we carry in earthy browns, rich blacks, and cool grays. For something out of the ordinary, try American flag patterns to show your patriotism or camo that adds some country-style flair. 

The finishing touches are a combination of fashion and function. Braided leather bands or buttons add some finesse, while details like a completely packable construction, adjustable chin straps, small pockets, and removable sweatbands make your outdoor hat even more functional. 

High-Quality Materials That Stand Up to the Sun

Our men’s sun protection hats are made to last you a lifetime. Sun protection hats, (women's or men’s), have to deal with UV rays, sweat, dirt, wind, and water without losing their shape and utility. So we’ve carefully sourced the highest-quality materials on the market and employed a team of experienced craftsmen to bring our designs of sun hats for women and sun hats for men to vibrantly powerful life. Our hats are made of a variety of materials. You can be confident that all of them are up for the job whether that be a need for a hiking hat, gardening hat, or just Sunday hats for those beautiful days, we got it all.. 

Our mesh men’s sun protection hats are ultra-breathable and featherlight. The mesh we use resists tearing, standing up to branches and other overhead obstacles you may encounter. In fact, most of our mesh hats are 100% “crushable.” You can pack them in a suitcase or day bag and they’ll still retain their shape. We finish our mesh off with a protective lamination that blocks most of the sun’s rays.  

This collection also features our specialty: all-natural leather. American Hat Makers started working with leather nearly half a century ago and we’ve been perfecting our craft ever since. Leather - whether a small hat band detail or the whole hat - makes each piece a showstopper. Since it’s naturally UPF 50, it only makes sense we use it to craft the best men’s hats for sun protection. Our suede hats show off the softer side of this natural material, a form of split-grain leather that’s lighter than traditional full grain leather. Water-repellent and luxurious, it’s no wonder the suede sun hat is one of our best-sellers. 

Our men’s sun protection hats are covered by the same lifetime guarantee you’ve come to expect from an American Hat Makers piece. With high-quality materials, clean-cut styles, and true durability, each hat is ready for your next outdoor adventure.