Leather Bags that Carry a Lot of Style


Shop our wide selection of leather bags to find just what you're looking for. A good bag is vital, no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re perusing these pages for a small leather crossbody bag or a large leather duffel bag, the right choice can be neither too big nor too small for the job, and practical, yet stylish. It needs to have the craftsmanship to endure carrying your most important items day in and day out, while looking good while doing it. That’s why we carefully design each leather bag in our collection to be generously roomy, unbeatably strong, and full of character.


Our leather crossbody bags are perfectly sized to hold your treasures without getting in your way. These bags have pockets for organization and adjustable straps to give you the perfect fit, whether slung across your body or over one shoulder. With delicate details like buttons, boho fringe, and colorful accents, these leather bags convey a distinct aesthetic. They stand alone as your sole accessory or pair perfectly with one of our women's leather hats.


Meanswhile, busy, on-the-go professionals are sure to love our leather messenger bags. Made with stunning simplicity, these bags have the space to fit a laptop or portfolio with pockets to give you easy access to your business cards and pens. Top off your outfit with one of our men's leather hats to give off a shine of coordinated professionalism from your first day on the job to your first day as CEO.


For quick trips out of town or long weekend mornings at the market, check out our leather tote bags and day bags. These spacious works of art will be your most flexible friend. They have the room for a quick change of clothes, a bouquet of wildflowers you find during a roadtrip pit stop, or a stash of locally-made goodies from the Sunday farmer’s market, all wrapped up in one beautifully crafted leather bag.


Need even more space? One of our leather duffle bags or leather backpacks will make the perfect match for you. These rugged travel companions are everything you could ask for in a weekender bag or elevated gym duffel. Spacious interiors carry all your must-have items, pockets keep you organized, and durable buckles and zippers hold it all intact. 

American Made, Family Owned, High-Quality Leather


Here at American Hat Makers, all of our leather bags are made using all-natural, high-quality leather, sourced by our team of experts. We put care into finding the best materials, looking for leather that can hold it’s shape, look great as a leather tote, and last you a lifetime. Known for getting softer and more supple over time, it makes the perfect material for your next go-to bag. We made our mark on the hat industry with our handcrafted leather hats, and now we continue to stay true to our roots, while innovating and expanding into other accessories like leather crossbody bags, leather tote bags, leather backpacks, leather duffel bags and more.


We take quality so seriously that we can’t imagine not having a hand in the production of all our products, from our bags to our leather hat bands and everything in between. That’s why our leather bags are all made in America, and our business has been family-owned for half a century. 


Our current collection includes luxuy leather accessorries like suede and hair-on leather. Suede is made using the underside of the hide, which makes it lighter and softer than classic leather. Long associated with movie stars and royalty, your suede bag will add a little extravagance to your everyday life.


Hair-on leather is, in many ways, the opposite. With hair-on, the hide never has the hair stripped off of it. This gives it the same durability of a full grain leather, but with a unique touch. Like your very own fingerprint, every one of our hair-on leather bags has a one-of-a-kind patten. The natural pattern and coloring will take on the same patterns as the animal it came from. 


All this to say, we’re passionate about leather. Whether you choose a leather bag made of supple suede, novel hair-on, or time-honored classic leather, you can be certain of two things. First, you’ll be supporting long-standing leatherworking traditions that have been handed down through American families. Second, you’ll be getting a genuine leather bag, guaranteed to last you a lifetime.