Shop For a Long-Lasting Women’s Waterproof Rain Hat

Our women’s waterproof rain hats are at the intersection of functionality and cutting-edge style, with timeless features you’ll want to flaunt season after season. We incorporated some of our favorite women's hat styles into a collection of stunning hats that keep the rain out and fashion in. 

Rain can really wreak havoc on your hair, makeup, and your day, while also obstructing your view. It’s a surefire way to ruin any outdoor adventure or taint a would-be fond vacation memory. But when you shop our collection of rain hats for women, you’ll ensure your comfort in any weather. We have the best rain hat available. These ladies waterproof hats have wide brims to keep a sudden downpour off your face and hair, with plenty of silhouettes to fit your unique style. 

Our rain-friendly, women's cowboy hats feature a wide brim that curves up and away from your face. This style features a higher crown, clear pinch, and pronounced brim crease. It was originally the hat of choice for cowboys out keeping their livestock safe - in even the harshest of conditions. We’ve kept the tradition of rugged durability alive in the construction of our modern ladies rain hats. So, whether or not you’re working on the range, you can be sure the collection of American-style ladies rain hat will hold their own. 

Leather hats are another great option when it comes to keeping the rain away in style. Our women's leather hats are made from all-natural leather, treated to protect you come rain or shine making for a great rain cap. Leather is naturally water-resistant and rated UPF 50+, providing true four-season, all-day protection. You might say that keeping the elements off your face is what our premium cowhide does best. And our hat-lovers who are also animal-lovers will find a perfect solution with our vegan leather hats. They are made of 100% cotton that’s been carefully waxed in order to create an impermeable surface. The wax ensures that your hat is waterproof but also adds an aesthetic similar to that of genuine leather.


Women’s Rain Hats That Can Stand Up To Anything

When it comes to beating the weather and holding it’s fabulous form, a rain hat requires both quality materials and expert construction. Every detail, down to the last stitch, needs to be thoughtfully planned out in order to create a water-tight finish that’s still fashionable, flexible, and comfortable to wear. 

Fortunately, that’s our area of expertise. American Hat Makers has been in the business of hats since 1972, and we’ve spent that entire time honing our craft in order to bring you the finest handcrafted hats on the market. Our collections offer a range of silhouettes, colors, materials, and applications to ensure you have the perfect hat for every occasion (and weather) that life throws your way. 

We also pride ourselves on accommodating a wide range of sizes with a plethora of fashionable solutions. There are multiple women's hats for big heads in our collection of women's waterproof rain hats, ensuring that each woman can find her perfect fit. We also conveniently cover shipping on exchanges, letting you shop hassle free.  

Finally, we top off each topper with a lifetime guarantee. This protects against any manufacturer’s defects, so you can stay dry and stylish for years to come. A little rain shouldn’t ruin your parade. And, with one of our women’s rain hats, you can confidently brave any storm. So get yourself a waterproof hat today.