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  • Description

          Introducing the Patriotic Kids Sun Protection Hat. Disney land, the happiest place on earth. Riding rollercoasters, eating cotton candy, seeing your favorite mascot! Nothing can beat this! Then you make it home and your little one has a monstrous sunburn, and they can't even lay in bed.

          Their skin is scorched from the hot rays of the July day. No matter how much warm milk and cookies you give them they won't stop crying because their skin hurts so badly. They can barely stand to lay in bed! It's 2am and you're woken by them not being able to sleep.

    You let them into your bed hoping that your warm embrace will sooth their aching burns. The morning sun rises, and you couldn't get one iota of sleep because of your poor baby's soft sobs and uncomfortable squirming.

         Nobody wants to ruin a kids day by slathering them in toxic sunscreen that doesn't even last. Keep your little angel protected, comfortable, and looking just as cool as they'll feel in American Hat Makers kids Cabana sun hat.


    - Laminated on the wide brim and top to block almost all of the sun's rays

    - Ultra-breathable mesh construction

    - Able to be packed and crushed and still hold its shape

    - Made in California, USA

    - Brim 2" Crown 3"

    - All the way up to a size 8

    - Fabric / Mesh

    - Removable Sweatband

    - Featherweight

  • Sizing Info

    Measuring for the Patriotic - Kids USA Flag Sun Protection Hat begins by wrapping a soft measuring tape (also known as a tailor's tape or sewing tape) around your head. Continuing place the tape at your mid-forehead, and wrap it around your head above the ears measuring your head size. In summary, find your size on this chart.

            • Brim 2" Crown 3"
              • For detailed sizing info, click here to watch a short, informative video.

              • We offer FREE EXCHANGES/RETURNS in case you order the wrong size, so don't sweat it. We'll make sure you get a hat that fits like a dream, even if we have to send you 3-4 hats 'til we get it right. We'll even pay for all shipping as well.

    • Why Our Hats Are Better


            • Lifetime warranty on all hats. We cover your hat for life. Did the hat stretch/shrink? Did something unravel? We'll make it right. We stand behind all our products and have easy to reach customer service.

            • Easy to reach customer service. We don't hide behind a website. We love our customers and we're happy to resolve any concerns you may have. Simply give us a call at 1-800-642-3428 and we'll be happy to help you with anything you need.

            • Built to last. While the other guys cut corners on quality to increase their margins, we don't believe in that. Even if you sweat a lot, it won't hurt the hat. This is thanks to an integrated sweat band that comes with every hat. Rain isn't a problem either. All our hats are also extremely resistant to water; rain will simply run off. Our strictest quality standards is garanteed to last a lifetime.

            • Hat will hold its shape. The Patriotic Sun Protection Hat is guaranteed to hold its shape, and will not stretch/shrink with everyday wear. Please do not mistreat our hats, however, by leaving them locked in a car on a 90° summer day. But, even in that worst case scenario, the hat shape can be restored by resting it on a coffee can.

            • Perfect fit, guaranteed. Did you accidentally order the wrong size? Don't sweat it. We'll make sure you get a hat that fits like a dream, even if we have to send you 3-4 hats ‘til we get it right. We'll even pay for all shipping charges!

            • Family owned company since the 70's. We're a father/son company with over 50 years of expertise in this industry. We've refined our craft and produce only the highest quality hats.
    • Shipping and Returns

      Orders generally arrive within 3-7 business days.

      All our hats come with a lifetime warranty. What this means is that even if you bought a hat over 50 years ago and it starts unraveling, we'll fix it or replace it, free of charge.

      However, as far as exchanging one hat style for another, that must be done within 90 days.

      We offer free exchanges for any reason. We'll also send you as many hats as you need until we get you the perfect fit, and we'll even cover all the shipping costs.

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