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Mens Wide Brim Hats

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The American Hat Makers Difference

Are you tired of cheap wide-brim hats for men falling apart after a few uses? If the answer is yes, it's time to find a hat maker that puts time, effort, and thought into their hats.

Here at American Hat Makers know that our hats stand out for two reasons: they're handmade, and we build them to last. Let's further explore two values that make our brand stand out from the competition.

Where Function Meets Style

Shop the Best Wide Brim Hats for Men Online

For people outside all day, a wide-brim hat is often the only thing standing between them and the sun. So, why not invest in a quality product that protects you?

Our men's wide-brim hats won't just save you while you're outside — they'll give you an undeniable sense of fashion that you can't find elsewhere.

So if you're ready to block your face from the damage of the sun (and look great doing it), start exploring this collection of the best brim hats for men.

Wide Brim Cowboy Hat, Full Brim, Long Brim Styles

If you want a men's wide brim hat, there's no shortage of styles. One of our most popular options is men's cowboy hats with wide brims. There's something about this distinctly Western look that keeps people coming back.

However, many of our other hats also come with full-brim or long-brim styles. These include things like top hats, fedoras, and sun hats. So, go with whatever option you feel most comfortable with.

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Function and Fashion Wherever You Roam

Our collection of men’s wide brim hats offer an assortment of styles that range from rugged and masculine to refined and sophisticated.

From unbelievably lightweight wide brim straw hats to wildly versatile men's leather hats, you’ll also be pleased to find only the highest quality natural and synthetic materials have been used to craft our truly unforgettable men’s hats.

Men’s wide brim fedora hats, men's cowboy hats, men’s sun hats with wide brims, men’s boater hats - you’ll see all that and more, crafted with hand-made perfection right here in the US.

This collection highlights some of our most popular pieces, set apart from the pack by their wide, sweeping brim, designed to shield your eyes from the elements.

Some of them are creased - with distinct lines and silhouettes - while others are relaxed or completely flat, casting more shade on your face.

Cisco | Straw Cattleman Cowboy Hat


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You’ll find men’s wide brim hats in classic neutral hues, with statement-making leather hat bands, with high, pinched crowns, with low circular crowns, and with or without brim trim. 

Each and every wide brim hat in our collection is carefully finished with other thoughtful details that help you show off your unique personal style with comfort and class.

From day to night, come rain or shine, men’s wide brim hats have a place in every man’s closet. A packable, water-friendly mesh hat with a wide brim that protects you from the harsh summer sun is the hard-working hat every outdoorsman needs.

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A white or light beige men's straw hat with a relaxed, swooping brim and contrasting hat band makes for a great vacation piece, going effortlessly from the boat, to the beach, to brunch at the hotel.

One of our men's wide brim fedora hats is endlessly versatile, adding a dash of class and an air of mystery to any evening wear look. Finally, a hand-made cowboy hat is a great way to show your American pride and western roots, whether it’s a workwear must-have, purely a fashion statement, or both.

Wide Brim Hats That Last a Lifetime

Our team of diligent designers and experienced artisans have thought through every detail of your men’s wide brim hat, to ensure you can invest in a hat once and confidently wear it for years. Each hat is hand-crafted in the US and designed to offer peak performance, while lending a stylish finish to your look.

They’re intentionally made to withstand the rigors of a long day’s work and any wild adventure you throw their way. With moisture-wicking sweatbands, thoughtful ventilation points, and featherlight construction, a men's sun hat with a wide brim will help you keep your cool in any condition.

Cattleman | Brown Felt Cowboy Hat | Cowboy Hat Band


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Treated wax finishes and natural water-resistance will also help you stay dry in the event of a sudden storm.

When it comes to construction, we don’t cut corners. We’ve been working with leather for over 50 years, using only 100% genuine leather.

The straw we use in our men’s wide brim sun hats comes from the tough natural fibers of real plants, just like it should. And the felt in our wide brim hats is 100% natural.

Handwashed, brushed, dyed, and shaped to give you an end product with the same antimicrobial, sweat-wicking, and long-lasting qualities of premium wool. 

Our commitment to making the best men’s hats means your men’s wide brim hat will be durable, feel flexible, and look flawless, wear after wear.

To help keep your men’s wide brim hat looking as new as the day you bought it, store it in a dry, cool, clean place - preferably on a hat hook or upside down in a hat box.

A gentle cleaning with a dry rag or soft-bristled brush is often all you need to remove the dust of your last adventure off the wide brim. But for bigger repairs and maintenance, we are here to help. 

With a lifetime guarantee and a generous refurbishment program, making an investment has never been so easy.

Wondering the best way to take care of your brimmed hats? Investing in products from our hat care product collection!

Mens Wide Brim Hats FAQ

Wide-brim hats don't have a set name. That's because there are lots of different types out there. Some common ones include cowboy hats, sombreros, fedoras, straw hats, and golf hats.

Of course, men can wear wide-brim hats! Men have been wearing wide-brim hats to protect against the sun for centuries, which will not change anytime soon.

Just make sure that you choose a masculine style. Any of the options available in this collection are great picks.

Generally, you want at least four or more inches of brim if you're serious about sun protection. However, three inches can also be appropriate.

You can't expect your brim hat to protect you entirely from the sun. So make sure that you're also applying sunscreen regularly throughout the day.

There are various factors you should consider when choosing a wide-brim hat. First, think about what activity you're doing. For example, if you're out in a field all day, you should look for a hat with the broadest brim possible.

But, if you're playing beach volleyball, any hat brim over three inches will likely reduce your visibility. Next, think about what type of material you want. If you plan on wearing the hat in hot weather, then straw is the way to go.

Felt hats are more suitable for cold weather. In the event that you live in a place that gets cold weather for most of the year you should consider going with this hat. Lastly, consider your style. Will the hat go with your outfits?

Do you feel confident in it? These are all questions you should ask before selecting one. You should also consider hat accessories to complete the look.

Certain wide-brim headwear, like cowboy hats, are likely to never go out of style. We have been noticing a rise in the popularity of flat-brim hats.

These types of hats provide a modern style that still feels rooted in that classic Western feel. If you need some inspiration for what's currently in, make sure to check out our new styles.