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From fedoras, flat hats, and newsboy hats to cowboy hats, trucker hats, and more, men’s caps are more in style than ever. 

Hats are becoming more of a daily accessory for the modern man, reminding us of a time in the US when men wouldn’t step outside of the house without one.

Because men’s caps come in so many styles, fabrics, sizes, and brands, finding your perfect fit is harder than ever. At American Hat Makers, we make finding your new style easy with our wide selection of high-quality, handcrafted men’s caps.

Caps for Men in Premium Flat, Trucker, Newsboy Styles

As far as men’s caps go, flat caps are one of the oldest — men started wearing flat caps in 1571. It was a symbol of middle-class style until the 1920s when it gained traction among the rich and poor alike.

They’re traditionally made of wool and feature a soft, bloated crown with a short bill and topped with a cloth-covered button. The flat cap is once again in style for men, and you can wear one any time you would wear a baseball cap.

Another premium flat cap is the newsboy-style hat for men. While they were common in Europe and NA in the early 20th century, newsboy caps are making a comeback in men’s fashion.

Finally, we have trucker hat styles, which (according to Vogue) are the current must-have in men’s street fashion. Trucker hats are similar to baseball caps, except the back panels are mesh and typically come in the snapback style.

There’s only one place to get your stylish men’s caps — whether it’s one of these styles or countless others, including cowboy hats, sun hats, and more — right here at American Hat Makers.

Versatile, High-Quality Caps For Men 

Men’s caps cover a wide range of styles, from the classic newsboy cap to the all-american baseball cap. Though the individual silhouettes can vary, they are all characterized by a snug fit, front brim, and functional versatility. Much like sun hats for men, their structured brims keep the sun and rain off your face, while the modest crown is a fuss-free way to keep cool in any weather. 

Our selection of premium men’s flat caps bring an extra element of style to any outfit, with high-quality materials and hand-crafted, stitched details. Buttery soft leather adds a luxury feel to our men’s flat caps, bucket hats, and newsboy caps. While our mesh, straw, fabric, and breathable tweed hats are so lightweight you might even forget you’re wearing them.

Caps for men are a go-to for sporting events - now with a fashionable twist. Whether you’re a spectator or the one playing, American Hat Maker’s caps for men make for the perfect outdoor hat, golf hat for men, men’s fashion hat, and boating hat. With built-in SPF, our collection is designed to keep the elements away from your face and the sweat off your brow, so you can stay cool, calm, and collected - even when the game gets heated.

After protecting your eyes and face from the day’s sunshine, a men’s cap from American Hat Makers can easily transition into a happy hour meet-up or a refined dinner with ease. The stunning composition of leather, wool, and mesh in our caps for men creates a head-turning statement piece that pairs with nearly every outfit and occasion. 

Men’s Leather Caps Made the Right Way

We’re not just about fleeting fashion. At American Hat Makers, we put extra time and talent into our creations, ensuring that each and every hat we make is hand-made perfection. We test our caps to make sure they’ll withstand the rigors of hard work and rugged elements. In fact, we’ve been putting our heart and soul into the construction of luxury, American-made men's leather hats for over 50 years. Put simply, the men's caps and hats you find in our collections are designed to last you a lifetime - and look good doing it. 

Whether we’re making men's leather caps in trucker, flat bill, newsboy, or other style, we start with top-tier, full-grain leather. Once the leather has been prepped, each cap is carefully hand-shaped and hand-stitched. You may see the slight differences from one cap to the next - that’s a trademark of handcrafted pieces. But you can be confident that your unique men’s cap has been made with care - right here in the US - and backed with a manufacturer’s guarantee. 

We use a similar, detailed construction process with our straw and wool caps. We’re committed to using only natural materials that have been carefully prepped. We wash, comb, dye, and shape our wool into felt by hand, ensuring that every hat has the perfect fit. These caps for men are naturally water-repellent and provide a little extra protection from the cold, making them a wonderful winter accessory.

An American baseball cap, stylish flat cap, or edgy newsboy cap are style staples that belong in every man’s closet. And we believe each one should fit like it was made just for you, even if you need men's hats for big heads. To make sure you feel confident about your choice with us, we also offer free exchanges on all our men’s caps and hats.

The American Hat Makers’ Difference

At American Hat Makers, we make hats differently — each of our men’s caps is handcrafted in California with high-quality materials and expert workmanship.

We have men’s caps to fit any style — from wide-brim caps and top hats to straw, leather, and felt hats — you’ll find the right hat for any occasion.

Every design, stitch, and material selection is hand-picked with quality in mind. Whether you need a cap for working outdoors or for black tie events, shop with us at American Hat Makers.

Handmade Since 1972

We’ve been handcrafting men’s caps for over fifty years using the finest materials and working with the utmost care. Our hats are made right here in California with superior quality and design across all of our distinct product lines.

At American Hat Makers, we work hard every day to remain the best American hat makers. We follow hat-making traditions while embracing modern practices to deliver the best men’s caps of any brand.

American Made to Last 

No matter what men’s cap you wear, quality and longevity are essential. Cheap hats wear out quickly and won’t last nearly as long as you’d like.

We hand-make our hats with care and only use the finest materials to ensure you get a quality men’s cap that will last you years. Plus, all of our men’s caps are guaranteed for life against workmanship and material defects — where else will you find a hat maker that can make such a promise? 

Caring for Your Men’s Cap

When storing your men’s cap, you should either lay it flat on its crown (upside down) — laying it on its brim causes it to change shape and flatten. You can also hand it on a peg or hat rack as long as the hooks are wide enough that they don’t create a dimple in your cap.

For long-term storage, you’ll want a hat box that supports the crown and brim; then, ensure the box is in a cool, dry place.

To clean your men’s cap, you can:

  • Use a horsehair or other soft hat brush. You want to use light-colored bristles on light-colored hats and vice versa for dark colors. 

  • Wipe off dust with a very slightly damp cloth.

  • Get rid of fuzz or pet hair using the sticky side of a piece of tape.

  • Soak your hat in cool water and shake off any excess water before letting it air dry (wool/felt hats).

  • Use cool water and a small amount of detergent, and wipe off your cap with a clean white cloth (for straw hats).

Caps for Men FAQ

How do I find a cap that fits?

First, you want to measure your head above your ears where you will wear the hat (ensure the measuring tape is above your eyebrows!). Then, check a hat sizing chart to find your ideal size. For example, if your head measures 22 to 22 ¾ inches, you’ll wear a medium or size 7⅛ cap.

What is a man’s cap called?

Men’s caps have so many styles and names it’s impossible to list them all — from cowboy hats and fedoras to flat caps and trucker hats, there’s an endless variety. Look below for a list of the most common types of men’s caps!

Should a cap be tight or loose?

How your hat should fit depends on the type of hat — and your personal preferences. The best way to ensure your hat fits properly is by measuring your head before buying one.

What are the different names of hats?

  • Apple caps

  • Ascot caps

  • Baseball caps

  • Beanies

  • Berets

  • Big brim caps

  • Boater caps

  • Bowler caps

  • Bucket caps

  • Cloche caps

  • Cowboy caps

  • Duckbill caps

  • Fedora caps

  • Fez

  • Fitted caps

  • Flat caps

  • Gambler caps

  • Newsboy caps

  • Panama caps

  • Porkpie caps

  • Safari caps

  • Snapback caps

  • Top caps

  • Trilby caps

  • Trucker caps

  •  Western caps

How to tilt a flat cap?

Tilting your flat cap is a way to stand out with your unique fashion statement. You should tilt it in the direction that your hair goes across your forehead — typically to the right for men. The angle of the tilt matters, too; the more extreme that angle is, the more aggressive of a statement you make.